• H a P p Y • Fijne vrijdag allemaal! 🍀🌈💝 Wat is jouw woord van de dag? Vandaag is dat hier 'happy', net zoals wel vaker 🤣 We zijn gewoon donders happy met wat we doen. En willen jou daar ook blij mee maken dussss zijn we donders hard aan het werk met de voorbereidingen van Stap 1 van ons Masterplan 🤗
Waar zou jij blij van worden?! Wat kunnen we voor jou doen? Waar heb je wel zin in? Waar word jij blij van? Wat is voor jou Heerlijk & Happy? Wij zijn ook heel nieuwsgierig naar wat voor jou Heerlijk & Happy is! Wat vind jij dat we zeker in onze plannen zouden moeten opnemen? Shout it out in een reactie! ⬇️ .
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I'm sorry if my reviews suck (worse than they usually do) but yeah today has not been my day. Anyway this is part one. I couldn't finish cuz I had to record something for Spanish class and send it in. DM me emojis you want me to rate!


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I absolutely love the sound of my drums with shirts covered on top of them!!!#partone

When one of your friends been low key threatening you (we DEFINITELY started high school in this one ass random classroom together; and shared homework all through global history, freshman year 😩🤣) we even got our 1st tattoos together ✨✨ — so I’m crashing reunions just like prom. Straight like dat 🙌🏾. See you there, girlfriiiiend ! cc: @shes_mean 💛🍾🎉 #PartOne

National Parks talk in our make believe woods! 🍁#stevefarrar #nationalparkstalk #threepartseries #partone #easternparks

#tbt to when we moved into our house and decided to rip out the seemingly random ugly green cabinet in the corner of our great room only to find air ducts protruding from the wall/floor. 😑 Luckily, we found this beaut of a buffet on Craigslist and got to work making it work for us. Once we brought it home from Indiana, @z13critter cut the back and drawers to make room for the ducts. I painted the whole piece with @rustoleum chalk paint in Pebble (a perfect match for some of the accents throughout the room). We sprayed the hardware black, put one drawer back in and reattached two of the drawer fronts on to hide the ducts. I love this piece as a buffet, but it’s actually part of a bigger Frankenstein hutch project that I’m excited to get back to after way too long of a delay (having a baby seems to do that to people). More on that in the next couple of days 😉 . . .
#joysofhomeownership #surprise #buffet #makeitwork #makers #chalkpaint #makersgonnamake #partone #hutch #refinishedfurniture #refinisherporn #refinish #pastprojects

When i wrote this piece i told myself i was no longer going to focus on numbers and peoples perceptions because that shit be having me question my gift and talent to the highest degree when I know i put my spirit in to everything i do! Those who love me be trying to calm my nerves reminding me what i mean to this world, how impactful what i do is and how all the hard work they see me put in will be respected, honored and cherished yet social media will truly take you on a journey of self doubt like no other! You have to train your mind to compete with oneself its more than a statement its mental gymnastics. Im learning to walk in trust (not just faith because the work is being put in consistently) that all that is for me will indeed come to me in time. I choose to spend more time connecting offline to truly feel the impact of my work on this earth but everyday i can feel the impact of social media and the internet as a whole around me. So much so, not just my nature but nature itself seems like a google search even when right in front of me or dwelling within me. Everything is a fact check, a number system, an algorithm! When you feel crazy operating in spirit thats insanity and it seems that is whats being popularized; to ignore our spirit and retain whats being shown and that is against our nature (period) I almost was about to dead this piece before it even got a chance to breath ...s/o to letting spirit take ova and @kanyewest for his charisma that many confuse for cockiness im about to take some daily doses💪🏽 #PartOne #Sekeithia #ThePoeticSouljah #SpokenWord #poetry #success #Internet #perception #doubt #TheClimb #comingToAmerica #Eat

I #♥️ hot pickles, why? Because they never leave me 💀#partone

Me, my camel Fransisco and just a couple legends riding through the Sahara Desert, Morocco🐪☀️ #partone

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