Introducing Pablo the Italian Greyhound! Look at those paws 🐾 ⠀
Thanks so much to Pablo’s parents @pabbloiggy for letting us share him to the community. Looking at his picture makes us feel warm & fuzzy 🐶.⠀

Just a boy and his dog. #grateful #gratitude #dogs #partofthefamily

Give your doggie a hug #loveyourdog #partofthefamily #hugs

My Louis protecting my foot post bunion Op! 🐶😊 Dogs definitely sense when you’re poorly or injured! Love him ❤️#minischnauzer #womansbestfriend #unconditionallove #partofthefamily #footrecovery #dogslove

Found a few polaroids we had taken a few years ago when our furry babies were able-bodied. It just seems like yesterday that Dutchess was youthful (and could see and hear); and that Dave was able to walk (and play and bound around.) And it’s been so long since I have even thought of my Jax. 🐶🐶🐱❤️#partofthefamily

We started Father’s day off with love and laughter and ended it with tears and heartache. Our sweet dog Charlie passed last night. Words can’t express the joy he brought to our family these last 10 years. Nick and I picked him out as a 1st anniversary gift to ourselves, and since then he has loved on all 4 of our children and been our most loyal companion. He was truly enjoying his “retirement” here on our farm these last 2 years, meeting the kids at the bus stop every day, chasing the neighbors chickens, and patrolling the woods for skunks. He was loved to pieces, as evidenced by Nick, who slept on the floor next to him as he took his last breath, and 3 children who cried themselves to sleep in our bed after saying their goodbyes. He was such a good dog and we will miss him so so much.
#mansbestfriend #furbaby #partofthefamily #dogs #pets #petloss #germanshepherd #loveofdogs

A better day today! Gave her a haircut- it’s hot out here!😳

How you know your sons girlfriend is a keeper! #sheworksoncars #keeper #loverher #partofthefamily #sons #girlfriend #goals

Things that make me happy: 2 good boys wanting to go and play as soon as I come home. Full of life and love, our connections are as meaningful as we make it. #partofthepack #partofthefamily

1 year since you left us Lucy and crossed over rainbow 🌈 bridge , we still miss you so much xxxx #lucy #partofthefamily #neverforgotten

Happy 5 months to my baby girl, Molly! ♡ #furbaby #bestpuppyever #partofthefamily #momsuck #doghuman

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