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Workout mit der Besten! 💞😃 Davinaaaa🦄 Ein kleines Video für die Mamis und Babysitter und Leute wie mir, die Kinder lieben und gerne sportlich sind😁 #noGymnoProblem Hoffe ihr seid gut in die Woche gestartet!💞 (: ps. den Kindern macht das auch Spaß 🙃 #minime

First 2 moves are a must try! I LOVE MONDAY'S! Leg Day in Full Effect! Make sure you put your best foot forward this week. #JustTrain #BetOnYourself

Partner workout things! Mess around days are even more fun with your frands (missss Lisha) @hiitness416 💕. She's the easiest human to bribe - feed her acai bowls and she'll drive an hour to your house 😁❤.
Usually when I'm training with someone, I prefer to alternate exercises; using your partner's set as your rest period. That way you can watch each other's form and push each other. Howwwever, sometimes doing exercises together is a super fun time and you can most definitely get in a good workout. We managed to hit basically all body parts...plus got in lots of dancing cardio #important.
To answer everyone's most burning question, yes, that is all her real hair #rapunzelaf 😝
Wearing: @womensbest 💕
🎵Matoma ft Faith Evans, The Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dog - When We Party

We need to realize that our path to transformation is through our mistakes. We're meant to make mistakes, recognize them, and move on to become unlimited.
- Yehuda Berg -
Some of your goals may not come through on the first, second or third try don't despair if you still have desire!

#shapes #morningmotivation #goodvibes #acroyoga
Making shapes with @cassanna_way

🔉 Sounds on - 🎶Dancing 🎶 with @ericalisthenic in the streets of the city ! #unlikeany .
Have an amazing and blessed week ! 🙏🏻
💁🏼👚👟 @underarmourwomen .

No better feeling than starting a new week off with a killer workout💪🏽👊🏽 love working out with my girl @katieaustin and my other bestie featured at the end of this video😂 #mondaymotivation #mondayvibes

SPF 30? More like SPF flirty with our cheeky babes on vacay🏖👯

No excuses when training with your workout partner!! @talillahenchoz and @jaimiebeth demonstrating a Controlled core workout targeting core and obliques 🔥
This workout DOES NOT target fat burning!! To burn fat you must increase your heart rate for a significant amount of time 💦💦
12 reps per exercise
5 🔥 Rounds!
#getitdone #coreworkout #partnerworkout #fitnessgirl #bbg #shredded #fitness #gymworkout #outdoorworkout #homeworkout

So I believe that Giants used to exist and they totally balanced those rocks like that. I mean seriously you're trying to tell me that nature did this naturally with the weather and such hah! Yeah right😏 #itwastotallygiants #trustmeimtarzan #rocksolid


⭐Partner Workouts⭐

Benefits of working out with someone else: ✅ Motivate eachother ✅ Hold eachother accountable
✅ Stay focused when you alternate exercises ✅Don't have to ask for a spotter 😜

I love training partner and small group workouts! It's awesome seeing what people bring out in eachother, using eachothers strengths is key to sustaining your exercise program. I'm missing the outdoor training with this #throwback shot, bring on summer! 🌞
. #outdoortraining #fitness #motivation #stretching #partnerworkout #groupfitness #gogetemfitnessnz #personaltrainer #pt #workout #girlswholift #ladieswholift #nofilter

First 2 moves are a must try! I LOVE MONDAY'S! Leg Day in Full Effect! Make sure you put your best foot forward this week. #JustTrain #BetOnYourself

Finish any workout with 3 rounds of this circuit! Follow the ladder sequence with a weighted object or just your own body weight. Light plate loaded sled is sufficient. Let me know if you don't get tired :) High Fives at the end! .
. In the video features: @erin_blumentritt and @tiffanyannb
Location: Train Your Way Fitness : St. Louis Park, MN .
#finish #anyworkout #partnerworkout #chickswholift #girls #leggings #agilityladder #lunge #legsonmonday #theywork #mpls #justworkout #womenstrong #sled #glutes #teamwork #greatgym .
August sign-ups are coming up!
E-mail: 👉 nm10qb@yahoo.com

one of our favorite quotes by rumi goes "do not worry that your life is turning upside down. how do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?" come see what it's like to get upside down with us tonight at our weekly FUNdamentals class @theyogacirclebirmingham!
📸: @stateofsp
wearing: @shopmollygreen

Our black team: Ruth, Sylwia, David, Graham and Ruth ♣️

Monday motivation 🤛
So you've got 20 mins to workout and want a quick sweaty HIIT session?
Grab your boxing gloves, a workout buddy and some aggression and you're good to go 🏃 (pls excuse the rubbish lighting - the light was not on my side at 5:30am) - 20 jabs
- 20 jumping lunges - 20 side jabs
- 30 second wall sit - 20 upper hooks
- 30 second plank
Swap with your partner and repeat as many times as you can/want! 😅💦
#boxercise #exercise #workout #partnerworkout #boxing #hiit #cardio #girlgains #gym

POPARITA twist, flyer @teenie29 and washing machine borrowed from @acromegaman I remember seeing this move and getting inspired by it a while back. Glad I finally got to try it out, it's a lot of fun. Always enjoying this Acro community inspiration and different style of movement. It's nice to try at all. ;) Wearing my favorite board shorts by @aloyoga

Chilly morning for our Max45 team who smashed out a partner interval session @achievingyou.com.au #intervaltraining #groupfitness #partnerworkout #partnercircuit #partnertraining #chillymorning

Cualquier persona que te motiva a ser mejor es alguien que vale la pena tener por siempre 💑 #cardiotime 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Couple workout - best workout! My amazing partner @laumanny
#poledance #poledoubles #polefitness #poleacrobatics #workout #partnerworkout

Started off their week with an early morning #partnerworkout and some #oldies on the speaker @xfittraining. #bootcamp #earlymorningworkout #fitness #stayfit #funworkout

Keeping my kids active this summer! It's fun for them to set their own fitness goals....mine had a goal of 5 laps at the track today.....each lap under 2 minutes 👊 we finished with 4 sets of 10 burpees.
80% of all heart disease is preventable with a healthy lifestyle. Let's protect our kids early 💚

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