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Happy Birthday Justin ❤️🎉.
Einer meiner besten Freunde👬. Einer aus der Familie🍻. So viele gemeinsame Erinnerungen💭. Für jeden Spaß zu haben 👻. Auf noch viele weiter Jahre Bro 😘😼.
Lasst ihm mal ein paar Glückwünsche zukommen @justin_ri_stuntrider 📩🎁. #Reifenwechselsquad #Huskybros #partnerincrime #brotherfromanothermother #21birthday #Stuntbros #copscantstopus #fuckhwk

This is what happened #2yearsago 🐵💜🐵 Find your PERSON in life and decide to spend all the time in the world with them. It feels good, I promise! #partnerincrime #team #weddinganiversary #inlove #wedding 📸@ugisbralens

Happy birthday my best sister. ขอบคุณที่เป็นเพื่อนเล่น เหยื่อให้แกล้ง ร้านสะดวกซื้อ รปภ. ครู คนขับรถ แม่ครัว แม่บ้าน แฟนคลับ #PartnerinCrime ที่ปรึกษา ผู้บังคับบัญชา และอื่นๆอีกมากมายตลอด 26 ปีที่ผ่านมา ❤️

Countdown.. 3 days 👯 #adventures ❤️

#sundays 😍

Wir waren heute beim Neon Minigolf spielen😲😲
War mal was neues und hat echt Spaß gemacht, weil es war in 3D 😆🙄🙄
Jetzt gehen wir noch schön essen und genießen den restlichen Sonntag🙃🙃🤗.

💕@ltnda 💕Reunited with the Bestie ❤ did you guys miss us together? #partnerincrime @ivyswimwear

Back at it! Rainy day means inside boat projects.
#sailinguma #diy #liveaboard #teamwork #bettertogether #partnerincrime #boatprojects

#PartnerInCrime .
Tap for outfit details ✨


Je ne pouvais pas avoir une meilleure partner de voyage que ton mon friend! 2 voyages, 3 pays, plusieurs péripéties, mais surtout une centaine de beaux souvenirs! 👯🌎 #trip2017#italie#greece#partnerincrime

Appreciation post!
It's been a rough week. I broke two toes, had my implant removed (with somewhat ferocious forcep skills) and got an IUD all within two days before starting a new full-time job. Jack did not hesitate to take all my shifts, cook me food non stop (or run to the store for extra gauze), and make me feel nothing short of wholly loved.
Whether it's wrapping my stitches or making stunning curried chicken, he has stepped up beyond what I could have reasonably asked, all while working his own full time schedule. He never complains, either- just continues to make me giggle when I feel more like wincing.
Sometimes it's hard to live so far from my family, but lately it's been nice to have my family at home, at the end of the day when the moon is a sliver and fits neatly into the power line stripes. Even if it's just us, Paul and Ellie, this week has permanently changed my conceptions of family and adulthood. It's a time of making it through together, and I couldn't be more thankful.
I love you, Jack. You're a wonderful human. This is probably longer and more of a post than what you thought when you said you'd like a picture from dinner last night, but what can I do? You've knocked my socks off.
#family #partnerincrime #food #work

My little baby got so big! He's the cutest little thing following me around wherever I go. Oliver, the beagle, is pretty much fully grown at this point. The only thing that keeps growing is his belly lol I've been trying to cut down on the chicken jerky. Carrots is a better idea 😛 #myloves#puppies#dogs#bestfriends#partnerincrime#beagle#kingcharles

Nu blir de gymtime och sen milen i Pålsjö med min partner in crime
#gym #training #partnerincrime #girls #blondie #transformation #milen #pålsjöskog #marathon #sun #lifestyle #offromwork #night

What an epic five day adventure!! Glastonbury has by far been one of the best festivals I have ever been to!!! 🙈💕Originally I was just going to go with the standard festival wear of shorts, raincoat and wellies, but seeing everyone covered in glitter and sequins (guys and girls) and going to the maximum effort dressing up as unicorns, mermaids, peacocks, face paint and all out metallic, on day two I got right into the spirit of things and purchased this gorgeous little outfit that I am totally in love with. It was way out of my comfort zone getting so dressed up, but when you're in a little fantasy bubble on a farm in the middle of the countryside, all judgement subsides and only love and hugs from strangers remains. It was so invigorating seeing 140,000 people so happy and free to be whoever they wanted to be and see the barriers come down. We made so many friends and these last 5 days will be some of our best memories yet.
Now onto a new chapter of finding a new work contract, continuing my training of becoming a life coach, and saving for our next adventure...

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