from the mouth of the lions head
i come i come to fill my cup
with the blood of the waters
who run run red
red with the rust from the chalice coming up
holy holy holy well
well at the foot of the dragons tail
well of the lore of a martyrs bell
heard on the wind of the ancient isle
cobble up foot to the tip Tor
where the rubble of the temple
still creaks at the door
of the heart of the hill
and her chambers below
where the Fae king keepin all of his gold
but the one loose coin fell from his keep
as the wanderers circled his labyrinth
with a left to go right
to go forward then down
where the gold is found on the ancient isle

and the lady stood in the orchard fair
as the white spring glass
flowed down from her hair
she held her hand with my beating heart
7 through daggers glowing bright
with fire was the taste of the
song on my tongue
retrieved the sword from the frozen stone
and the unruined soul of my love lost long
heard by the well on the ancient isle
i am one small boat
through the mist, i row
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