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Mama got some new wheels!!! #mommobile #partdeux

Guys. I’m in loooooove! Says the mom who vowed to never, ever drive a mini-van and am now leasing this beaut! With fancy touch screen stuff and dvds and automatic doors. I’ve never had a fancy shmancy car so I almost was like...ummm, do I even NEED all of this?! But the price was right so we made a heluva deal!
But get this. That’s not even the most exciting part.... This is the first car ever that I haven’t needed a co-signer! I got this one ALL ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 As I was filling out the paperwork, I wrote in my monthly coaching income. They weren’t sure if it was gonna cut it, so we put Nick down just in case. I left feeling this huge pull to be able to do this on my own. To know that what our team has built is powerful in SO many ways!
The next day, they said YOU’RE GOOD TO GO with just YOUR NAME on the lease! I felt so friggin PROUD! Like so pumped!
Listen I’m grateful AF that I’ve had peeps to co-sign for me all those years...but man, it feels SO good to know that every ounce of effort and hard work in coaching the past 4 years is truly making a difference in the financial freedom of myself and my family!
I’m not sharing this toot my own horn...hah get it 🚗 #beepbeep 😂 Seriously I’m sharing this to show YOU what’s possible with this biz!
You get healthy.
You get happy.
You become a part of something big and bright.
You feel freedom from limiting beliefs.
You earn life changing income—you decide how big you want that to be. *insert disclaimer*
You change the way you look at life.
You become a better version of yourself.
You get grounded.
You dream.
You make shit happen.

So. You ready for all that?? Hop in the mom mobile, Team Stronger Every Day will take ya for the ride of your life!

#wellnesswednesday #partdeux 😂😂: #cuppingtherapy has been officially added as the warm up to my 2 1/2 hours #physicaltherapy session!!! STEP 1: The cup is placed over my tight muscles and air is removed to create suction. STEP 2: the cup which now acts as a vacuum is moved slowly across my muscles to bring concentrated blood flow to the area creating a #myofascialrelease , allowing my muscles to relax and function better. It definitely improves the rest of my workout. #slowlybutsurely #itsnotoveruntiliwin #mswarrior

Here's a lil peace of my interview with @gotrichent, hosted by @missbrooke2u @rosemedallionz & @djscrappydappy
On @iaxisradio from this past #Thursday
For full interview check out www.iaxisradio.com "Got Rich Radio"

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Last but never least, the second installment of Ravi's mini profile! Yes, yes, we're well aware he's not got his heroes and villains in the traditional buckets, but who's gonna argue with someone who can warp reality? .
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