When you're waiting on cargo, you end up looking at things from a different perspective. 🌤️✈️
Photo cred: First Officer @checkeredtail_chick

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Ameriflight and I have teamed up to give away some cockpit posters! You know those awesome ones that the pilots get in training! Rules to enter:

1. Follow Me
2. Follow Ameriflight
3. Like this post and comment why you love aviation! *only one entry per person, giveaway closes 9/21/18 at 12pm central. Winners will be notified via instagram.
Good luck!! . . .

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Happy Sunday! We love this shot from one of our newest First Officers, @nateterpstra.
This BE1900 is looking sleek and ready to deliver cargo! ✈️📦

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Being up early has its perks! 😍
A beautiful yet chilly morning in Great Falls, MT.
Photo cred: First Officer @checkeredtail_chick

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Three cheers for our newest group of pilots! ✈️😃
They just finished week one of training.
We're happy to have you all on our team!

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Does this angle make my nose look big??
Photo cred: Captain @jtp.fr8dawg.92 | BE99

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Little things make big things happen. ✈️😎
Photo: Captain @thephotopilot | BE1900 in Lansing, Michigan.

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Woody the shop dog could tell it was a long night at work... #helicopterems #dispatch #part135 #firefighter #emt #redheeler #cattledog #theresasnakeinmyboot

Looking for a Part 135 Float Plane Operator for the 2019 Summer Season! DM us for more info. #summitlakelodge #summeratsummit #thealaskalife #part135

Say hello to First Officer @baileygorin! ✈️👋
Bailey was in our August pilot class and is now flying the BE1900.

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Whether sunrise or sunset, the views are great while we're Delivering More Than Cargo! ✈️🌞
Photo cred: Captain @pilotforlife7k | ABQ sunrise, Chieftain

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We're ready to hit the skies, are you? 🛫
Photo cred: @jake_m_youngs | BE99 in PHX

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Happy Friday! What a gorgeous day for flying. ✈️🌞
Who knows what airport this is??
Photo cred: Captain @jtp.fr8dawg.92

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Shout out to Ameriflight Alum, @clawdog79!

Charlie was with AMF from 05-06 at our SJU base as a Metro Captain. He then went to Continental Airlines and is now a Captain for United Airlines. ✈️

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Planet Nine @flyplanetnine the US’ newest boutique ultra long-haul charter specialist, makes its debut at the NBAA San Jose Regional Forum this week to present is latest Dassault Falcon 7X on the static display.  It’s second 7X (N119NE) entered service several weeks ago, luxuriously outfitted with 16 VIP seats, including six individual sleeper seats – perfect for over-night Transatlantic flying.
Planet Nine secured its FAA Part 135 operating certificate in June
Full press release on our website www.EmeraldMedia.co.uk

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Congratulations to First Officer @joey_pennisi! 🎉
He passed his EMB120 type ride and is now heading to our ONT base. ✈️

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Somewhere over the rainbow... ✈️🌈
Photo cred: First Officer Caleigh Richardson, BE99 in AZ

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🕊🕊 #part135
#پارت۱۳۵ ****** دستی به پالتوی زرشکیم کشیدم و بافت سورمه ای زیرشو پایین تر کشیدم تا زیپ شلوارم معلوم نباشه!

بافتمو با شلوار و لاكم ست کرده بودم.
کفش مشکیمو با شالم!

جعبه شیرینی و جعبه ی کوچیک کاپ کیک رو از روی ماشین پارک شده کنار خونشون برداشتم و به سمت خونشون رفتم

گوشیم رو به سختی از جیب پالتوم بیرون کشیدم و نگاهی به ساعت کردم


آهیل باید ساعت سه میرفت باشگاه واسه همین زود اومده بودم که ببینمش.

شمارشو لمس کردم و منتظر شدم که جواب بده.

بوق دوم که تموم شد جواب داد -جانم؟ +عزیزم من پایینم -الآن میام

تماس و قطع کردم و منتظرش ایستادم.
بااینکه خوشحال بودم اما دلم گرفته بود!

جدیدا چندتا احساس متفاوت رو میتونستم باهم داشته باشم!! فکر کنم اثرات قرص ها بود!! با باز شدن در از فکر بیرون اومدم
ذوق زده لبخند گشادی زدم و جعبه شیرینی رو گرفتم جلوش +تولدت مبارک زندگیــــم.

لبخندی زد و جعبه رو ازم گرفت و همینجوری که از جلوی در کنار میرفت گفت: -مرسی عزیزم چرا زحمت کشیدی!

وارد خونه شدم و به سمت پله ها رفتم +زحمتی نیست،اینارو واسه مامان اینا گرفتم

جعبه کاپ کیک رو بالا گرفتم و گفتم: +اینم واسه خودمون -مرسی عزیزم پس من برم اینو بزارم و بیارم

باشه ای گفتم و از پله ها بالا رفتم
وارد اتاقش شدم و طبق عادت همیشگیم لباسامو روی تخت گذاشتم

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