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Sometimes illusion are all you've got to hang on to, in the end. @johnmarkgreenpoetry .

Day 15 of #SpringBackbends with #parsvadhanurasana #parsvadhanurasa #sidebowpose

Day 19 #MayIBeginYoga2015 is Dhanurasana or Bow Pose. @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl 🎀 Since i'm already #39weeks pregnant, i can't lie on my stomach anymore. 😶 So, i did #ParsvaDhanurasana or Side Bow. You get all the benefits of Dhanurasana while keeping baby safe! 😊👌 Namasté!😄💓

#helpmelbalance Monday
If you have limited range of motion in the knee, you might (ever so gently) try this with a strap around the foot. You can also press your extended leg foot into the wall for more support.

Day 5 of new challenge #yogArtistry 🎨 Org: @yoga_rimma @arthleticwear @talcomraja @anikoyoga @aleksic_twins 🙏 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰
#dhanurasanavariation #parsvadhanurasana
Мои милые @page.up @elenahlamova @rita28dm будьте рядышком всегда 🙏❤

🌟Día 15 del reto de marzo🌟
Hoy Asana #parsvadhanurasana o variación de la postura del 🏹 🤔Una Asana muy difícil y que le tenía muchas ganas desde que empecé a practicar Ashtanga, pero nunca me había atrevido a hacerla 😉

Hosts: @ainania_yoga @arigador_yoga @reinodenita
Sponsors: @dafnaskincare @gloriososupernutrients @mymalanecklace @moonchildyogawear @spiritualwoman @yoguineando
Special guests: @sarahticha @theashkicker
#yoga #estherysuyoga

After nearly a month away with Sunday moon days, thanks for the reminder @ashtanga_fifi and a short trip, so nice to get back to the Shala today. #ParsvaDhanurasana and got a new pose today, which came as a bit of a surprise

🌺🌸🌼🌺🌸🌼💐🌻🍂🍁 #parsvadhanurasana


I've fallen and can't get up 😂 Ok well I can, but it takes a bit of effort for pose 37 as I keep #movingthroughtheasanas with BKS Iyengars #lightonyoga as my guide. This is #parsvadhanurasana Parsva =sideways dhanu = bow so it's a variation of bow pose on your side. In this version you come into dhanurasana exhale and roll to your right side Inhale come back up and exhale roll to the left. Working to stay on both sides for the same length of time with normal breathing. Inhale coming back up release the legs and relax. I really don't practice this variation to often because in the past it has irritated my knee. I'm pretty sure that was from some alignment being lost in my hip when I rolled that I have now figured out. Now that I know it doesn't bother me anymore I'm looking forward to working on this more. However I don't know why in the video my feet are even across in bow I roll to the right, come back up still even. Then after the left side you can see my right leg is lower. It was like this all three times I tried today 🤷🏼‍♀️. I think it just decides to be lazy 😂 With practice I'm sure it will work itself out. BKS Iyengar state that this is a more strenuous version of dhanurasana, but he rates both of them a 4. Despite my lack of focus in the video I enjoyed the stretch in my shoulders and chest. As you can see sometimes it took me a little more than just an exhale to fall over and get back up. The first two pics are from my first time going through it today. The video was the third time I was trying to get that roll on both sides in one fluid motion. It didn't happen today, but I'm pretty sure it still gives you a basic idea of how to approach this one if you feel like trying it out. As always have fun with it wherever your at 😃

I've been struggling with a left wrist issue for months. The good news is I finally know what it is (DeQuervain's tenosynovitis), but the bad news is it's an overuse injury. Which means still no hand balances, planks or anything that puts my wrist in extension. 😔
My practice, some days, is uninspired --I miss chaturanga, handstand, upward bow. Other days I have fun coming up with alternative ways to practice. So here's this week's wrist sensitive creative offering for #backbends. 💘
#natarajasana #padangusthadhanurasana #parsvadhanurasana #bowpose #thisismyyoga .
I miss you #wheeliegirls but this (and my other intermittent offerings) will have to do for #wheeliewednesday. #wewheelonwednesdays

Less is more. Less handstand ➡️ more backbend. ครูบุญชูได้กล่าวไว้🙏😌👽💛. @boonchutanti #dhanurasana #parsvadhanurasana #laguvajrasana #ustrasana #kapotasana #urdhvadhanurasana #tiriangmukhottanasana #backbend #wheelpose #backbend

#openheartyogaposes - The challenge kicks off today. Join us for some deep back-bending fun.
Day 1 of the #yogachallenge is #dhanurasana. Check out this variation #parsvadhanurasana - SideBow pose.
You can enter this pose from dhanurasana so once stable there, lift your legs up in dhanurasana (the bow pose) and pull with your arms allowing your chest to go further up off the floor. Try to roll front-back to get easy into the bow pose and when you're ready, 👇
-Inhale roll the shoulders forward -Exhale roll to the side
Don't hang in there. Try to get into bow pose on the side.
- Keep the neck in line with the spine and allow the chest to expand
- keep the knees away from the hips. Squeeze the buttocks and try to get into a bow pose
- gaze at the nose
- your shoulders must hold you together
- breathe few times in the pose and then pull the knees inside, roll back to the centre, press pelvis into the ground and inhale into dhanurasana again
- exhale roll over to the other side and repeat the above steps
- Try to hold in the posture
Don't be too hard on yourself. Breathe and give yourself enough time and practice. 🙏🏻 Check out @Germanyogaman and @ninalfers For more variations.
Challenge Sponsors: @harmlessharvest @liforme
#yoga #heartopener #yogapose #yogapants #yogainspiration #backbend #igyogachallenge #igyogafam #yogadaily #yogagram #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday #yogalife #yogalove #yogalover #yogagirl #yogi #yogini #yogisofinstagram #america #dayone #challenge #yogateacher #yogajourney

Big big thank you time to the hosts of the #homeyogachallenge. @luminikki @cupcakesandyoga @nikicheng55. and thank you to all the sponsors, and @hairslinky -- who I was linked with for winning! Oh, buried the lead. #imawinner #yogachallenge #gratitude. ❤️❤️
. Full #parsvadhanurasana inspo @mr.liam_amo, also send some Congratulations his way. And pigeon variation inspo to @amanda_perri, whose dreamy littty couch post will live on among my favorite photos forever.

Con este frrrrriooo hacemos #dhanurasana y #parsvadhanurasana!
#yogaforkids #yogaparachicos los #lunes a las 5.15pm

Day 2 of #Homeyogachallenge is a pose on a sofa! So I chose #ParsvaDhanurasana!
In case you were wondering, this is my "this-looked-and-sounded-like-a-better-idea-in-my-head" face. Oh well, definitely wasn't redoing it again (and I couldn't cause my grandparents got home before I could even think about it)! I think I'll keep my side bows on the floor haha 😅 Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! 💛
Hosts: @luminikki @cupcakesandyoga @nikicheng55

Вообще-то я планировала дать сегодня умный пост на тему осознания своих целей, старания, отказа от ненужного и смирения.... Но тут Диана заболела и мы пол-дня провели в больнице. А еще у нас сегодня без предупреждения отключили на целый день воду.. ВСЮ!!! И холодную, и горячую... потом я поехала в #фитвояж вести 2 тренировки, а по возвращению домой готовилась к завтрашнему суду... Короче сейчас писать красивый мотивационный пост просто нет сил.... Но зато мне удалось одним глазом и одним ухом послушать интервью с МНК. Как же мне откликается то, что каждая трудность , каждая проблема - это вызов и мы сами в силах определить и применить способ ее решения... Ведь по сути мы здесь, чтобы выполнить определенную функцию, соответственно своему предназначению и только... А все сложности - это возможность для самоосознания и расширения внутренних границ, чтобы иметь возможность понять свою миссию, свою дхарму и ставить цели согласно ей.

Кстати на фото/видео я с гордостью делюсь с вами своими достижениями. Мне наконец дали доступ ко второй серии #аштангавиньясайога и я уже дошла до #parsvadhanurasana .
Всем #peace а деткам здоровья!!!! Это так тяжело, кода они болеют!!!

#ashtanga2pointO day 5 #parsvadhanurasana I need some awesome music to go along with this as it's probably one of the most boring videos to post 😂, but I wanted to show the transitions. Sydney posted the description of moving in and out of this, but basically you inhale up and then exhale over to the side. Five breaths inhale back to centre exhale over to the other side. With @missyogagirl @lesliestorms @laraliam @yogacentermpls @aloyoga #yoga #ashtangalove #ashtangayoga #ashtangi @bhufoods #yogavideo #yogaflo #yogainstructor

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