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Weekends in The Wiener Room...πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Living legend.
W @therealgeorgeclinton for @bandwagonasia

We got a real funky thang goin down gettin down🎀🎀

Next life can I please little baby Jesus learn to move my hips like this?!#hips #bombfactorydallas #parlimentfunkadelic #georgeclinton

All the times this comes through and it never has the Iron-on until now! No poster tho. Maybe I should put it on a shirt? #parlimentfunkadelic

#BLACKMUSICHISTORY - One of our BIGGEST INFLUENCES the ParliamentFunkadelic is an American funk, soul and rock music collective headed by George Clinton. Their style has been dubbed P-Funk. Collectively the group has existed under various names since the 1960s and has been known for top-notch musicianship, politically charged lyrics, Afrofuturistic philosophy, outlandish concept albums and memorable live performances. They influenced numerous post-disco and post-punk music groups of the 1980s and 1990s.[1]

The collective's origins date back to the doo-wop group the Parliaments, formed in the late 1950s in Plainfield, New Jersey. Under Clinton's direction, by the early 1970s the groups Parliament and Funkadelic were operating concurrently and consisted of the same stable of musicians playing different types of funk music for two different labels. The name "Parliament-Funkadelic" became the catch-all term for the multiple bands in Clinton's stable. By the late 1970s the collective had grown to include dozens of musicians recording and touring under many different group names and solo projects. (See P-Funk offshoot groups and solo ventures.) Overall, the collective achieved thirteen top ten hits in the American R&B music charts between 1967 and 1983, including six number one hits. Funkadelic is a funk band with a psychedelic rock touch whose influences include the amplified sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, James Brown's funk, blues, Sun Ra's experimentation, Frank Zappa's and the Coasters' humor, the concept albums of the Beatles and the Who and southern soul artists like Otis Redding and Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Parliament is a funk/R&B band whose influences are the funky side of Hendrix and Sly Stone, Motown soul groups turned funk groups like the Temptations, the political songs of the Impressions, Rufus Thomas' southern funk, doo-wop groups like the Coasters for the humour and Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers.

By the early 1980s, Clinton consolidated the collective's multiple projects and continued touring under the names "George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars" #GeorgeClinton #ParlimentFunkadelic #WelcometoTHECITY


I will be old as hell and purple shirts, gold boots and brands will still make my knees weak. #georgeclinton #parlimentfunkadelic #bombfactorydallas #qdogs #omegapsiphi

Next life can I please little baby Jesus learn to move my hips like this?!#hips #bombfactorydallas #parlimentfunkadelic #georgeclinton

The older we get, the cooler my sister gets. 😏πŸ’₯ Suite life. 😎 #georgeclinton #parlimentfunkadelic #bombfactorydallas #shedoesntsuckthatmuch

Make my funk a Pfunk. 75 and still #funkinitup #georgeclinton #parlimentfunkadelic

There are those who love #funkadelic and those who are wrong. 😍 #parlimentfunkadelic #georgeclinton #flashlight

George Clinton!! 😎#parlimentfunkadelic #georgeclinton

Dewayne "Blackbird" McKnight of Parliment Funkadelic. One of the most impressive guitar players I have ever seen, truly blew me away. #GeorgeClinton #ParlimentFunkadelic #DeWayneBlackbyrdMcKnight #ConcertLife #DerrickRedearth

George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelic doing Atomic Dog! First time seeing Parliament and I am very mad at myself that I havent seen them 20 times. If you get the chance go see them, such a cool show. True what they say, Ain't no party like a PFunk party, cause a PFunk party don't stop! #GeorgeClinton #ParlimentFunkadelic #AtomicDog #ConcertLife #DerrickRedearth #MusicLegend

Thanks to fancy footwork we managed to hit the African American History Museum in #DC today - totally worth it

My gosh. Yesterday was such a blast. Main Source & the one and only George Clinton with Parliament-Funkadelic. An absolutely amazing day with old friends and new ones. #mainsource #hiphop #georgeclinton #parlimentfunkadelic #funk #music #everything #iconic #queens

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