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Read about The Funk y'all #parlimentfunkadelic

First back at it in a week. Feels good. This is my platform, my stage, where im on top of the world, on top of my game, giving my best.
When it looks dark, when shade is being cast, when the midnight hour is at hand with no light to be seen. It is then when you must shine. The light within, are you powered, enlightened?

Free your mind and your a** will follow #parlimentfunkadelic

Living legend.
W @therealgeorgeclinton for @bandwagonasia

Last nights mood: This is the second time I ended up at the same music scene with #craigrobinson #WEjUMPIN #georgeclinton #parlimentfunkadelic

All the times this comes through and it never has the Iron-on until now! No poster tho. Maybe I should put it on a shirt? #parlimentfunkadelic

The Funk Shall Be Within You #GeorgeClinton #ParlimentFunkadelic


HUGE THX to @na_kid87 @benzelbmore and the entire #parlimentfunkadelic band - you guys made my day! Great to connect so far away from home and I can't wait to see you in #PDX! #georgeclinton #smallworld #youguysROCK

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