The Good Side by @troyesivan #troyesivan

Hard for me not to smile when I’m going to be seeing @jamesbaymusic tonight. Beyond excited! I used to watch his Pinkpop performance on repeat and now I get to see him at the Belasco theater. Gonna be an awesome night! Here’s my cover of his new song “Pink Lemonade”! Hope you guys enjoy! @jpboardman @ben_adelson

Sometimes you feel like giving up, sometimes life just seems to get too hard. Along this journey of posting videos I’ve realized I’m going to loose followers, and I’m going to gain followers. Not everyone is going to support what I do. That’s okay though. It’s tough, but it’s okay. At the end of the day you just can’t give up though, no matter what. That’s why this song has a lot of meaning to me. This is In My Blood by @shawnmendes and I hope you all enjoy it! Feel free to please tag some friends or anyone! #mendesarmy

Really loving this song right now, Morning Light by @justintimberlake and feel free to tag a friend or anyone! #justintimberlake #motw

Tag some friends! Don’t Blame Me by @taylorswift #taylorswift

So I’ve done the math and if every single followers of mine tags roughly a thousand people and all of those translate to follows then I could end up at a million followers! Let’s do this! Sorry by #justinbieber

Heavily falsetto Palace by #samsmith

So last week I got over 100 new followers, so thank you for that!🙏 I’m thinking if this video can take me over the 1,000 follower mark that next week I will post a clip of an original. Let’s see what happens! Anyways thank you and here’s “Say Something” by @justintimberlake

Thinking about doing a new segment called Post Nasal Drip Saturday’s if my allergies never clear up, for now I’ll stick to Wednesday’s though. Also another side note, please tag some friends. Anyways aside from all the ranting here’s this Wednesday’s clip of “Take Me To Church” by @hozier

Again not using the mic, really need to make up my mind, was gonna add in the guitar forgot about it, allergies hitting hard, all over the place... anyway saw a video of Ed Sheeran’s stadium tour the other day, so incredible, maybe someday, but for now here’s a cover of his song “What Do I Know”, I hope you guys like, and tag some friends! @teddysphotos

Last take before the allergies got to me, anyways I know what you guys are thinking, “where’s that collab between Parker case and Shawn Mendes?” Well apparently sliding into Shawn’s dm’s didn’t work as well as thought... it’s okay though, fear not, for it is my goal to make that happen. Until then however, please enjoy this cover of Stitches and tag him, a fan account, whoever you feel necessary to speed up this purgatory in which you wait for that duo! @shawnmendes

Saturday // Jinx - @dnce

This is Wild Love by James Bay, was bummed I wasn’t able to get tickets on the presale for his Los Angeles concert, but still hoping to get them for the sale. Here’s a cover though! Hope you enjoy! @jamesbaymusic @jpboardman @ben_adelson

Flicker - Niall Horan

Song of the Day! @sayanything this one is of my favorites on the record. Happy Two years of I Don’t Think It Is. 🤘🏻#sayanything #idontthinkitis #slit #maxbemis #parkercase #garrondupree #kennybridges #reedmurray #darrenking #equalvisionrecords #blessed

Didn’t even use the mic, but super excited for @george_ezra to release his new album, already got my tickets to his San Diego show!

Guitar solo was a group effort this time

Drum life

Drink the colors of the nighttime

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