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You can't visit Paris and miss these lovely Parisian facades ❤️
How cute is that? 😍
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Ce que je déteste, je peux finir par l'aimer. Je change souvent d'avis, c'est ça la mode. Dress @yoinscollection

Bon week-end, dear friends! More Paris and France @aparisianmoment and @photosbydcp

Hello IGers !!
We are pleased to feature today this nice photo by @aligalem which captivated the attention of @lou_tissiez and the whole @paris.focus_on team
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Day 1 in Paris with @eurostar and @etchola_ done ✅
We did a decent bit of exploring, I have blood on the back of my shoes (they’re pink and matched the house hence why I plonked myself here), and every bit of me is aching. But it’s been sunny and my hair didn’t frizz so that’s a bonus!
What you can’t see: the girl in yellow on the right was having a photo shoot with her pal who was crouched down squatting on the floor 🙊 that’s a good friend 👯‍♀️
Off for dinner tonight and Notre Dame tomorrow!
#interludesbyeurostar #travelstateofmind


Wish I was there

#몽생미셸 #montsaintmichel
비 내리던 가을 날, 몽생미셸
이 날 작정하고 삼각대에 구슬에 필터에 뭐에 다 챙겨갔는데, 옹플레흐, 에트르타까지는 맑다가 몽생미셸 도착하니까 바로 주룩주룩 비가... 내렸다. 챙겨간 이런저런 건 그저 짐이 됐을 뿐..이었지만, 이 한 장으로 마음도 풀리고 아프던 어깨도 풀렸다.
📷 #fujifilm #x100t

Thank you @davidlebovitz and @omnivorebooks for adding to my collection for Paris inspired baking and cooking- it’s like icing on a le weekend cake to have one autographed #yum #parisjetaime #baking #authorsrock #cookbook

"When you are eating it, it's like you are eating atmospheres of the universe." - Eyal Shani.

When it comes to street food, Le Marais is home to many choices, & One that sticks out in my mind, is the one and only @miznonparis 💕 Almost thinking to myself it was a mistake to come here 20 minutes in waiting outside in the pouring rain, all my doubts were instantly gone when I took a bite of my cauliflower pitta.

We had heard so much about Mizon; opened by the well known chef Eyal Shani who opened his first restaurant in Isreal, & now has restaurants in Vienna, Melbourne & coming soon to New York. All we knew is that we couldn't wait to try it.

The menu is small, but focuses on Pitta sandwiches, & sides of life affirming cauliflower, eggplant & sweet potato. The food is simple; using local ingredients, seasoned well, & cooked with love. Fresh Produce is displayed around the restaurant as you walk in, with the a infections energy of the friendly & buzzing staff in the kitchen.

It helps if you read up online about what you might want to order before you get there, as the wait time to get inside is INSANE! So once you get inside, ordering happens quickly. Although the space is tiny as, once you pay, the staff do their best to find you a table around the back. We were SO lucky that we went right through.

Food comes out in paper bags or baking paper, tables are sat closely together which makes it really cozy, while everyone tries to warm up. All I Can is, YES, the long wait is worth it, & we will visit here everytime! Food so good you'll be smiling at random people for the rest of the day, maybe even wanna hug someone😀 Just order everything 🤣

#miznon #bestfoodworld #paris

#love #lejournaldesaoparis #paris #parisjetaime #montmartre #モンマルトル #朝 #morning #autumn #秋 #散歩

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