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*Madeleine grew up and found her own womanly intuition. "Always remember: the first rule of magic is self-containment. You must hold your intention within yourself, stoking it with power." -Julia Cameron
10/61. || Sunshine yellow makes me think of Madeleine, so she was on my radar. The cream colored background paper was found on a run yesterday. The woman was drawn from a magazine image I posted yesterday when I had the glitter out for another project, so I decided to use her and the gold glitter. The fire and yellow highlights were inspired by the illustrations in The Five Chinese Brothers book (again, an image I posted yesterday.) At this point I was excited to realize I could make the woman into Madeleine by adding a few necessary colors and a hat. The quote from Miss Clavel was discussed this week via correspondence with a savy magician in #TheMagicSchool #MakeBelief eCourse. Lastly the red, white, blue and yellow squares on the bottom left were torn off the cornstarch packaging this morning when I was making waffles...before this card was even started. Amazing how the colours were an exact match with Madeleine. These things have a way of working out. #dyicad2017 #icadvirgin #virginalexperience #madeleine #FICTIONMEETSREALITY #themagicschoolbookclub #artistasmagician #followingthewhiterabbit #curiouserandcuriouser #selfreliance #ImagineNation #makebelief #thefivechinesebrothers #childrensbooks #somethingisnotright #somethingisquitewrong #parisianinfluence

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