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Questions that need answers: Why do kids act up when they're tired?! Sometimes I want to say to my kid let's trade roles! You don't understand how badly I wish I could just take a nap whenever and wherever I want.

Девочки, посоветуйте пожалуйста хорошие фильмы?
Прям такая тоска😢😢😢
Хочется что-то интересное посмотреть👍
Спасибо огромное🤗😚😚😚

And I'm clean again! 👏🏼

Give it a title? 🙏
"Searching for the silhouette of my identity, I found a glimpse of it pissed in between the reflection of water spilled on my broken mirror of bonds." - @poetryforsmriti 👈
Conceptual illustration by Igor Morski 👏
Checkout @art_hyperrealistic & @tebo.1
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So pretty ! 😍😍😍


Marley an I did an interview for a cool, new Dutch magazine (@magazinexiomama) yesterday and they had a few pretty cool questions. One of ‘m was they asked me what I would like to pass on to my children?
That got me thinking and this is what I came up with. I want to tell them to stay true to their selves and to follow their own path. To be kind and generous. To embrace criticism, take risks and ignore their fears. I also hope they develop an open mind and a sincere interest in other people & cultures.
I realized it’s questions like these that make me count my blessings and they remind me how beautiful this parenting game is. So I’m gonna ask you the same question: What would you like to pass on to your children?
@aisek.nl I believe you had something to do with this... Thanks for mentioning me! ✌😘

Dear Lyla's fans.... you may not like me in this vlog.... but it was worth it 👌 Don't worry the pain will only last a second. 😉

Have you done this with your kids and how was your experience?
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Hahaha. My son gets this type of treatment at our house as well.
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The cheeks and the blue eyes on this little dude ❤️❤️ so smiley!

You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars. 💫
-e.e. cummings

Wednesday: another day another spot helping daddy (aka playing while daddy works).⛰🚜❄️ As long as she's got her Sophie she's set to go!! Where would a mama be without a Sophie 😳 totally get what all the fuss is about now. ✔️ #imlearning #teethingbub #teethingtoy #newmum #sophiethegiraffe #farmlife #freshair #harlowbillie #fivemonths #growinggal

I have been meeting and networking with so many amazing women the past few days. We have shared and gotten to know more about each other and its been so fun. The most interesting part about meeting new people is that you put yourself out there a bit.
We were challenged to share little known facts about ourselves and it really got me thinking. How well do we really know ourselves once we have kids? I tried to think of some super interesting facts about myself, but it has been so long since I really focused that far inward that I didn't feel like I could come up with anything that would interest people.
Then I thought, why am I TRYING so hard to be interesting to other people? Either I am interesting to people the way I am, or I'm not. There really is no "try". And being a mom who stays home with her two kids, prepares 5-6 healthy meals a day, works a business on the side motivating other women and helping to support my family, all while keeping myself healthy and happy is good stuff! Interesting? You should hear the stories I could tell on the daily! Haha
But in all honesty, it just opened my eyes. Be the best version of yourself that you can be. Strive to always be better. Be grateful. Help others when you can. Be humble. Enjoy little things and moments that seem normal or mundane because one day you will realize they were the most beautiful. That was what made your life "interesting". Don't try to be something you are not. Just be you. That is what the world needs ♡
Photo is because Bali is one of the biggest on my bucket lists!
Photo Cred: The Jakarta Post

The islamic month of Ramadan is beginning over the weekend and so I bought 'Under the Ramadan Moon' by Sylvia Whitman to get my almost 4 year old daughter to learn about the month.

Although the book was helpful in terms of talking about the moon sighting to begin and end the month.. it didn't mention the celebration of eid at the end of the month again by sighting the 🌙
The book is a little repetitive by saying 'under the Ramadan moon' over and over again... it does get a bit stretched for the reader ( the one who reads to the child )

My little girl loves the moon so yes she grabs it just to know about the moon and tries to look for it in the sky while I read to her.
The depiction of the traditions of eating early morning and then at dusk is a plus along with various activities of praying together and spending time hanging with each other late in the evenings.
I'd read it to her but not sure how long :)

As children we believe that our parents know/want what's best for us. And to a certain extent that's usually true. I can totally understand why before the internet was a thing, our parents did the best they could with the knowledge they had. .
But now, in the age of information, there's really no excuse 🤷. It's hard to believe why there are so many parents out there who still don't know how unnecessary / massively cruel / environmentally destructive, not to mention how incredibly unhealthy it is for us to consume animals and their secretions 😷. How do we even put our tastebuds & convince above environmental & social justice?...
It's upsetting every time I hear that a kid/teen wants to go vegan, but the parents won't support it 😑, or they even want to punish their child for bringing it up? 😾 I can only hope that they come to their senses in a near future. I can only hope that they will dig deeper, question everything we've been taught. And that they'll be willing to do better, for the sake of our youth and future generations. Peace . Love. Be vegan✌💚🌎.
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