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We're in love with the Japanese elements in Elie Saab's Cruise 2017 collection 😍 Go to elle.my to see all the looks. #eliesaab #parenthesis #cruise2017 #ElieSaabCruise #ellemalaysia

Offsetting rituals of restraint with bare open shoulders drawing the eye to a high-collared neck enclosure #Parenthesis

#Repost @eliesaabworld
So beautiful 😻😻😻
Delicate Intentions | The Resort 2017 collection is now available at all ELIE SAAB Boutiques #Parenthesis

How rare has it become to find a story you love outside of a book these days? The kind that feels a little like a conversation with the writer? The kind that stays with you for a while? How long has it been since a story inspired wonder and delight? Between 9gag and hard news, in a world of infinite scrolling feeds, there are, hidden in plain sight, stories that do not get the audience they deserve -- narratives that bridge the personal and political, that are too tender, too quirky, too candid, too far outside to fit in the neat slots defined by mainstream media.
But how do we bring these voices together? How do we best celebrate the craft of writing and the pursuit of beautiful storytelling? We create something that will do it for us.
This, above, was our mandate for a new independent magazine -- a little something we call ‘Parenthesis’ -- that we launch today.
In keeping with its identity as an online monthly magazine, we’ve adopted a ‘rolling’ model of publication. In an issue, stories will be released in a staggered manner across the month, instead of all at once. Issues will, however, be archived as monthly collections. Cover pages and art (yes, we will have covers!) too will be a monthly affair.
So where do we go from here? The first story goes live the day after tomorrow, on December 6! In the meantime, head over to our official instagram page @parenthesis.co. The website too is up and running and counting down the hours till its first publication. Link in bio!

@Regrann from @eliesaabworld - 3D technicolor blooms | A clutch to hold up high #Parenthesis - #regrann #luxury #style #dubai

Intricate jewellery ✨ #resort17 #parenthesis

@eliesaabworld - Japanese reverie | A cross dialogue in shades of blossom #Parenthesis - #regrann

(Parenthesis) Brand new video part by Isaac Martinez from 🇵🇷 aka @archiedroid Link in bio! #skateboarding #army #parenthesis #parentesis #grndhardware


Its extra sad when one of the worst events of your life is only mentioned in parenthesis (Im dead)

Love this gown. #Repost @eliesaabworld with @repostapp
Swaying to a soft beat | Embroidered matcha from the Resort 2017 collection available at all ELIE SAAB Boutiques #Parenthesis #gownoftheday #luxurylifestyle #highstyle #luxelife #luxurywedding #luxuryfashion

Repost from @eliesaabworld @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Nuit blanche | Saturday night outfit inspiration from the ELIE SAAB Resort 2017 collection #Parenthesis #уфамэйк #уфаресницы #уфаволосы

Repost from @eliesaabworld @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Nuit blanche | Saturday night outfit inspiration from the ELIE SAAB Resort 2017 collection #parenthesis девочки вы можете приобрести похожее платье в чёрном цвете очень крутое! #уфа #уфамода #уфасити #уфаволосы #уфаресницы #уфамэйк #уфамакияж

Intricate jewellery ✨ #resort17 #parenthesis


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