Sky is the limit.. 🌌 ⛅️ Happy 30th birthday self! Thank you Lord God for blessing me more than i could ask for. 🙏🏻😊❣️
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Очень классно пробовать что-то новое и необычное) Но в таком красивом закатное свете не знала что хватать первым - #параплан или камеру)/ It's very cool to try something new and unusual) But in such a beautiful sunset light I did not know what to grab first - a #paraglider or my camera)

It’s probably safe to say the flying season has come to an end for me 🤣 So here is a #tbt to one of my last flights this year—Short, Sweet, and Smoky...
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From the archives... Vibrant blue skies, amazing Mediterranean food and a secret beach on the stunning Greek island of Crete. April 2016 (2/2).
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Back to work.
What a season I had!
About 95 hours in the sky from the 1st of June to the 17th of September. An infinite number of new sites flown, across 5 countries. Lots of driving too. About 4kg of body weight lost, but tbh I was just fat before leaving. And of course a magic feeling to have learnt so much about me and this sport.

It was a really hard task but I tried to pick 6, 5 wasn’t enough, key moments (and the 6 related photos):
--- My tour du Mont Blanc which ended up in Aosta in Italy. I started guided by Ludo and Elo flying tandem. Sadly they landed early and I was then flying by myself in a hostile but gorgeous landscape. This flight really made me realise how much of an adventure flying can be. Crossing 3 country borders and ending up in a totally unknown place 80km (flown distance) further where I started.
--- My first (and only) 100+km from Dormillouse to Saint-Andre and back. More than just 3 digits this flight is truly a personal achievement as I tried to fly this line all last european summer without success. It also pushed my physical limits during 6h20 when my previous longest flight was “only” 4h50.
--- My first vol biv adventure with Kieran. It was short and not really engaged nor remote but it made me realised how much freedom you can get from such adventures. There is no feeling like going somewhere unknown, landing high in the mountains to takeoff the day after and fly/explore further. I also like all the “logistic” behind it when you have to pick the right spot for landing/sleeping and think about the takeoff part for tomorrow.
--- My first real XC in the flatlands. 56km flat triangle around Dijon after an epic winch launch. Flat land flying requires different skills than in the mountains. It’s a very complementary type of flying. It requires more patience and this flight was very special as there were heaps of developing congestus influencing a lot the local aerology. It clearly helped me to “play down” big clouds and understand better what are the limits and how to play with them. It also gave me a good idea of the legal side of “free flying” (hello airspaces!)
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