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❤️ #winter although the range goes down by approx. 50 km. Next week -25 degrees C are expected here in #tyrol

So lonely... #teslasupercharger at lake #chiemsee

-18.3 degrees was the lowest temperature this week. I hope your Valentine‘s day wasn‘t so frosty ❄️ #teslalife #valentinesday #valentinesday2018

Magic moments at the frozen #lagoresia in Italy #teslaroadtrip

Perfect service at Posthotel Pfunds: They offered a CEE plug for our #electriccar without ceremony.

😡 #teslasupercharger in Innsbruck fully blocked by German fuel suckers this morning. Reading and thinking are presumably no core competences of these guys. 😤

Oh lord, I just checked the performance index of the #teslamodels 90 P with ludicrous update, which we received meanwhile our was at the service. 967 Newton meter is insane! #bestserviceever by #teslamunich Thanks!

👍 #bestservice ever by #tesla. We received a #teslas90d with #ludicrous mode🤘 while our car was checked after 80.000 km.

#bestplacetowork. For two hours out of the office at #achenkirch #teslalife

Some problems with the #tesla navigation... The depicted location is about 400 metres higher on a mountain. Or is Tesla enhancing the all-wheel drive? 😂

Another form of morning sports... still searching for an electric driven snow blower. Every idea is very appreciated as I don’t know where to put the snow. #teslalife

Morning sports ... No worries I was back in the office at 11.30 am.

These parking lots are dimensioned for #bmwi3 rather than for #teslas. Anyway, if the side mirrors are folded away, it works 😄

#teslasupercharger in #austria... typical farmhouses and parking front row of a ski lift

@elonmusk When will Tesla offer electric powered snow blowers? This would be very helpful here. ❄️

We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018! ❄️

Perfect start into the Christmas days. We wish you a lovely holiday season!

New #teslasupercharger in Flachau / Austria with 18 stalls directly next to a skiing slope 👍

A question to the Tesla community used to drive in snowy areas: How long do your tires last? We need to change after approx. 25000 km in this winter (second season). I am looking forward to getting your opinion. Best wishes from the Alps in Austria! 🇦🇹

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