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I booked a smear (pap) test for the end of October. Please please please have regular smear tests (if you’ve ever been sexually active, although not sure about the ‘rules’ about having them if you’ve never had sex). I know too many (young!!!) people who have had abnormal results. I know of one person who went through treatment for abnormal cells and saved her life by doing so. The test is free and only takes about 30 seconds. I know it’s scary 🌈💖 #smeartest #paptest #pap #boringselfcare

Hey ladies come show off your cervix and fight cervical cancer 💥💥#depistagecancerducol #paptest #santedesfemmes #newgynewme

Took my cervix and ovaries to their yearly date with Dr Miller this afternoon ⚡️ sending love from my insides to yours 😘 Shania Twain's "feel like a woman" came through the speakers as the speculum slid in.... #livewithmoxy #paptest #ladymagic #selfcare #sobelowandwithin

Post pap-test selfie, pretending to be ok and happy as ever. The truth is it hurt like few things I have experiemced in life, and almost fainted from the intensity. It had to be done though. Results pending, Thursday. Wish me luck 💜💜🙏 #paptest #τεστπαπ

How much do people really know about the #PapTest? Find out! Watch and test your knowledge too! #CervicalCancerAwarenessWeek

Beautiful metaplastic cells. #cytology #pathology #cervicalcancer #paptest

Моя дорогая @jannikomka выкладываю фото отчёт о своём первом рабочем дне на новом месте 😊🏥💟#krasnodar #paptest #pregnancy #ginecologia #bestclinic

DYK: #CervicalCancer is almost entirely preventable with regular screening. Learn more:http://bit.ly/2vUX6DN


Buongiorno a tutti!! Oggi come ogni anno, vado ad eseguire un controllo ginecologico... il famoso pap test, un esame fondamentale per noi #donne (come la #mammografia), che serve ad individuare precocemente #tumori del collo dell'#utero o alterazioni che col passare degli anni potrebbero diventarlo. Mi raccomando quindi.. una maglia in meno magari, ma un #paptest in più.. Fatelo. ☺️


Για μια φίλη που έφυγε μακρυά, μα σίγουρα κ εκεί γελάει δυνατά.... Για εσένα, που ευτυχώς κυκλοφορείς γύρω μας κ κατάφερες να ξαναγελασεις δυνατά..... Για όλες εμάς που θέλουμε να συνεχίσουμε να γελάμε δυνατά.... Ας μη ξεχνάμε την ΠΡΟΛΗΨΗ.... #breastcancer #cancer #prolepsis #almazois #paptest #25october

This is what the cervix looks like when looking down the vaginal canal. The cervix actually extends to the womb, but what is able to be seen via a speculum is the face and mouth mouth (aka cervical Os). Just a little anatomy show and tell this fine Monday evening.
#cervix #womenshealth #cervicalwellness #paptest #sacredportal

#FreeHennaAlert ⭐Get a Pap Test, Get Free Henna*! ⭐awesome deal, right? 👭👫👩‍👧‍👦Now share this on social media, with your girl friends, mothers and all the women in your life. A simple test can prevent cervical cancer from starting. Read this or contact your healthcare provider to determine if you should be getting a pap test: https://choosingwiselycanada.org/pap-tests/
*! FREE HENNA SESSION WORTH $30 (or gift card) if you get a pap test this month (or schedule it this month for a date in the following month)
& can answer 2-3 simple questions about the procedure as proof (or any other applicable written proof). #freehenna #yyt #paptest #cervicalhealth #newfoundland
Graphic by @PlannedParenthood #OctoberisPapTestAwarenessMonth #WomensHealth #publichealth #Newfoundland

Just three weeks until National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week! Are you up to date with the changes to cervical screening? #AreYouUpToDate?

Spotted: the one and only @parishilton in her “Private” LADY GARDEN shirt 🌸
#Repost @parishilton (@get_repost)
Honored to be supporting this years #LadyGardenCampaign with this limited edition t-shirt designed by @CTilburyMakeup. Help support this incredible cause & get yours October 5th at @TheOfficialSelfridges & @BlackScore.

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This is your weird ass reminder to go get your pap test done if it's been a year or more. Your best chance of health, treatment and survival is to catch cervical abnormalities before they turn cancerous. Make your appointment every year around your birthday so you don't forget. People don't seem to give a shit about women's health so I will.
You deserve health. You deserve life.
Talk about women's health. I encourage you men out there to remind the women in your life to go get their check up.
Let's put an end to this stigma about vaginal health.
#womenshealth #cervicalcancer #cancerawareness #cancersucks #gettested #youdeservelife #healthwarrior #womenswarrior #standupforwomen #women #sex #health #beaware #fuckcancer #paptest #yourbody #icare

We love @ctilburymakeup‘s "Private" design. Get your hands on a LADY GARDEN shirt today.

Still drooling over these cupcakes from Vicki’s Lunch made by @cupcakecrayzee 😍

Hey ladies come show off your cervix and fight cervical cancer 💥💥#depistagecancerducol #paptest #santedesfemmes #newgynewme

How much do people really know about the #PapTest? Find out! Watch and test your knowledge too! #CervicalCancerAwarenessWeek

DYK: #CervicalCancer is almost entirely preventable with regular screening. Learn more:http://bit.ly/2vUX6DN


How fierce does Naomi Campbell look in her LADY GARDEN design?

Buy Naomi's "I'm With Her" shirt today. #LadyGardenCampaign

Our signature LADY GARDEN shirt modelled by the stunning @laura.ann.rullo from @thebachelorau 🌸🌸🌸 #Repost @laura.ann.rullo (@get_repost)
V.A.G.I.N.A, gina, vulva, the female reproductive system, LADY GARDEN or whatever else you want to call your lady bit... the truth of the matter is, is that 4 women DIE EVERY DAY from gynaecological cancer, 1 in 3 women can be expected to be diagnosed with cancer and 43% of us are not up-to-date with our pap tests. This is down right f-ing alarming statistics hence why I couldn't say no to spreading awareness for such an amazing campaign with the hope to save your sister, mother, friend, grandma, aunty, wife... help me help others and 1. get your bloody lady garden checked and 2. tag people you love in this post to remind them to check their VA J J too #ladygardencampaign #theaccf #helpmehelpothers

It’s that time of year again! #cervicalscreening #paptest

Ieri sera con @Vitalcenterriabilita abbiamo organizzato un incontro dedicato alla prevenzione dei tumori femminili concentrandoci su autopalpazione (link in bio) e paptest.

Mi piacciono questi confronti. Il femminile che viene fuori anche da giochi. L'idea che il senso sia un ammasso di ghiandole e tessuto adiposo (molte hanno fatto la faccia schifata al dover colorare tutti i vari tessuti o a mettere le etichette). Abbiamo parlato di ormoni e come ci influenzano, di cosa possiamo fare per ridurre l'incidenza del cancro.

Parlato di autopalpazione e mammografia.
Per quanto riguarda il paptest ho spiegato chi è l'HPV e perché colpisce proprio la cervice. E perché il paptest è un esame così importante anche se così semplice.

Alla fine dell'incontro in molte mi hanno prenotato un paptest e si palpavano le tette.
Pensare a queste malattie fa venire paura. Si può reagire in due modi, attivandosi e prendendosi cura di sé o nascondere la testa sotto la sabbia. Tu cosa scegli?

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