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Paper cloud building continues! Workshop attendees in a sea of paper, representing organizations all around SA: @lpainc, @fpcarch, Cleary Zimmerman, Alamo Architects, ERT Lighting, @bridgeprojects, @sanantoniocollege, @utsa. Such team work!
Come join us for a workshop: https://bridgesatx.com/nightlight/ #beauxartsball #nightlight #paperclouds

Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do 💞
#world #sky #blue #white #paperclouds

Logan got a new shirt from #paperclouds apparel. I have to say, I love it, and the story behind it. #crumbdiaries

New day, new week! On a mission to get loads of work done this week, sort out loads of house stuff and just get on with it! Hope you guys all have a good week! #paperclouds #papercut #papercutting #paperart #cloudmobile

Thank you @aia_san_antonio @lakeflato #bridges and all others for everything you did to make last night's Beaux Arts Ball the success it was. #printannex #paperclouds

Good morning. Viola waking up in a picture we're making for @sandbergandfriends #sandbergfamilj #dosfamily #kidsroomdecor #scandinavianinterior #paperclouds

Came home from tour to find my shirts from @papercloudsapparel waiting for me! I've posted about paper clouds before, but I can't stress enough how much I love that company. I urge everyone to check out their website to see and support all the amazing work they do! #papercloudsapparel #paperclouds #cloudcoveredstreets #americanaquarium


Do you remember the nights we played tag until the tree shadows grew so long we couldn't see the ends? I scrapped my knee when I fell and you came and wiped off the gravel bits with the end of your shirt. We grew up to be such different people, but we still bleed the same blood. .
#inmemory #vickyshum #paperflowers #paperclouds #acrylic #installation

Logan got a new shirt from #paperclouds apparel. I have to say, I love it, and the story behind it. #crumbdiaries

Lucky to call Jeremy a friend. This young man kicked cancers ass and has been in remission for years. Jeremy wants to help kids fighting cancer and created these two amazing designs for @khkidzinc !

Kylie created the awesome Fish design. Kylie was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in April of 2016. Kylie is from Albuquerque but has relocated to Houston for her cancer treatment.
Purchase Kylie's fish design and proceeds go to helping her and other kids fighting cancer ! Thank you to all who help this little angel.

Picked up all the shirts and our workers with special needs will get them folded and packaged and we will ship out all your Logan gear from his campaign with Opportunity Works !!! Check your mailboxes

Meet the artist behind the awesome Chewbacca design, Rio. Rio is 6 and was diagnosed with Langerhan Cell Histiocytosis and loves dinosaurs, Auburn Football, pigs, and Spider-Man. Every shirt sold with his design is raising funding for @khkidzinc and their work to help kids fighting cancer. Thank you for supporting this brave little guy.

Visit our website and click on "Campaigns" and learn all about our amazing artists who are also cancer warriors. Learn about their battle and purchase one of their designs. Proceeds go to @khkidzinc and helping kids fighting cancer.

NEW CAMPAIGN TODAY !! Today we launched our new project teaming up with @khkidzinc and help kids fighting cancer !

We LOVE giving amazing artists like Justin a place to show the world his talents. Justin was born with Down syndrome and autism, but he has so many friends and is amazing at making furniture in the wood shop. Proceeds from his Fire Truck design go to @autism_fighters ! Today is your LAST CHANCE to order ! Thank you to all who support this great cause.

Want this shirt for FREE ?? Logan's Poptart received the most votes. To enter the raffle simply tag two friends when you comment. We will draw a name out of a hat tomorrow at 1 PM.

Good luck and thank you so much for supporting our talented artists with special needs ❤️

Brooke is the talented young lady who created the Fruited Plane design. Brooke is proud to be autistic as it is part of what makes her who she is and she loves who she is ! I think that is so cool. Brooke has been suffering terrible epileptic seizures, so bad that she was in the hospital for four days from her last big one. Proceeds from her design go to The Epilepsy Foundation !
Only ONE more day to get your Fruited Plane apparel. Thank you to all who support this inspirational young lady.

We need your help deciding which shirt to raffle off tonight ?

VOTE !! Get your friends to vote and at 6 PM tonight we will start the raffle for the design with the most votes. Good luck

ONE MORE DAY !! Only one more day to order Logan's Poptart design. Proceeds from the design go to sending Logan on a trip to visit his sister Abby. Logan has raised thousands for others and now we can do something to thank Logan.

Proceeds from Logan's Poptart design will go to sending this young man on a trip to visit his sister. Logan has apraxia and hashimotos, and his designs have raised tens of thousands of dollars for special needs causes. Now is our turn to do something for Logan. Thank you so much to all who support this amazing young man.

Riley is the talented artist who created our Angry Cat design. Riley was diagnosed with autism at 2 and was nonverbal until the age of 5. Camp CaPella has been huge help with her developing and her overall growth. Proceeds from her design go to this great camp. PLEASE show Riley some love !

Love this picture of Zach and Owen. Zach unfortunately had his life stolen by Osteosarcoma and Owen has fought the same cancer. Proceeds from the Triforce design will go to Owen and help him with the insane medical bills that come with the poor kid having 100 surgeries in the last 11 years since he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. PLEASE create your shirt and help this brace young man. Thank you so much.

Brooke is a high school freshman who is proud to be autistic and believes it makes her who she is, and she is amazing !! What a beautiful way to look at autism. Brooke recently began having awful epileptic seizures. So bad she was in the hospital for four days recently. Proceeds from her Fruited Plane design go to The Epilepsy Foundation! Thank you for supporting this amazing young lady.

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