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Guitars for Good is live! Go grab your favorites @papercloudsapparel #papercloudsapparel #paperclouds

Paper cloud building continues! Workshop attendees in a sea of paper, representing organizations all around SA: @lpainc, @fpcarch, Cleary Zimmerman, Alamo Architects, ERT Lighting, @bridgeprojects, @sanantoniocollege, @utsa. Such team work!
Come join us for a workshop: https://bridgesatx.com/nightlight/ #beauxartsball #nightlight #paperclouds

20 amazing artists joined @papercloudsapparel to help out with Guitars for Good Campaign. Be on the lookout for these new shirt designs. Which ones do you need for your collection? #paperclouds #guitarsforgood

Get your @stoneylarue shirt before they are gone !!! Less than one week left. This design was created by Jacob, a 24 yr old who is legally blind. Proceeds from this design go to the Tulsa Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities.
Link to buy in bio.

Artsy Saturday ☁️✂️⚡️#paperclouds

New day, new week! On a mission to get loads of work done this week, sort out loads of house stuff and just get on with it! Hope you guys all have a good week! #paperclouds #papercut #papercutting #paperart #cloudmobile

Thank you @aia_san_antonio @lakeflato #bridges and all others for everything you did to make last night's Beaux Arts Ball the success it was. #printannex #paperclouds


Get your @stoneylarue shirt before they are gone !!! Less than one week left. This design was created by Jacob, a 24 yr old who is legally blind. Proceeds from this design go to the Tulsa Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities.
Link to buy in bio.

Shine On ☀️ I wanted a rainbow in my yellow pic today so I made my own yellow rainbow 😍☀️ #yellow2017 #day288 #projectsunshine

We LOVE this picture of @wadebowen rocking one of our shirts while hanging out with @coachjaniced around Christmas time. It is really amazing having these talented artists help us support the special needs community.
PLEASE visit our website and check out the Limited Edition band designs our artists with special needs have created. Have a great Sunday my friends.

We have Cinch Backpacks as well !! Order this @gettinsweenered design and support the National Court Appointed Special Advocates Association ! Only one week left to get your Sunny Sweeney gear !!!

@jasonbolandandthestragglers wearing one of our shirts while playing a show !!! Seeing these amazing musicians wear our shirts and support our artists with special needs is so cool 😁 Plus it really makes the artists with special needs feel awesome and like a celebrity and that is the best part.
Go to our site and you can create your own Jason Boland & the Stragglers shirt, with art created by Bronson, a 14 yr old with autism. Thank you all for your support.

How great is this @wadebowen Canvas Sling Bag ???
We are raffling off a bag in our Facebook page. If this post can get 100 likes, we will raffle off this bag too !!! .
This design was created by Alex, a 16 yr old Eagle Scout with autism. Proceeds from this design go to @bestbuddiestx.

@stoneylarue has been wearing our shirts and supporting the special needs community for years ! Now you can create your own Limited Edition Stoney LaRue shirt, designed by Jacob, a legally blind 24 yr old.
You have over 30 shirt styles and tons of color options and proceeds from every shirt go to the Tulsa Advocates for the Rights of Citizens With Developmental Disabilities.
Only One week left !!! Link to buy in our bio above.

Gotta show some love to our friend @jessica_bevill rocking her @boohatchstudio shirt !
We are giving away one of the shirts in our last post ! Takes a minute to enter. Good luck and PLEASE go show Jessica some love for helping support the special needs community !

Who wants this @boohatchstudio shirt for FREE ??
To enter to win, you just have to comment and tag TWO friends who love #reddirtmusic ! Mike McClure is a LEGEND and we are so honored to be helping him raise money for AgVocates all while showing off the awesome art created by Garrison, an 18 yr old recent high school graduate with autism. .
We will announce the winner tomorrow at noon. Good luck

@drewcooper_music rocking out shirt for @jasonbolandandthestragglers before his gig !
Love seeing musicians support each other and wear their shirts ! Create your shirt and help us raise money for the @atrcok and provide horse therapy for those with special needs.

We love the patriotic theme to the @wadebowen design created by Alex, a 16 yr old Eagle Scout ! Proceeds from this design go to @bestbuddiestx.
Order yours and support Wade, and the special needs community.

Mamina kreacija #paperclouds #cloud #rain #momscreation #fun 🎇☁💧

We LOVE @gettinsweenered and we love this design that Trish created for her. Giving those with special needs a platform to showcase their talents is very important to us.
Proceeds from any item sold with this design will go to the National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association.
Order yours today ! Just one week left and then they are gone. Link to buy in our bio. Thank you all for your support of the special needs community !

This is Alex, he created the @wadebowen design, and here he is getting his Eagle Scout badge at the age of 14 ! Alex is now 16, and loves science, nature and video games. Alex has been diagnosed with autism and even though much of the world sees him as “different”, his family describes him as a funny kid with a dry sense of humor and a passion for drawing and artwork. Alex is also on the golf team at his high school. According to his mom Cindy, “his life is different. It’s like a roller coaster; up and down, twists and turns, scary and amazing, and we wouldn’t want him any other way.” Proceeds from the Wade Bowen design go to @bestbuddiestx ! This organization does amazing work in helping those with special needs socialize and make friends.
Alex, you are awesome and we are lucky to have you as an artist for our apparel.

Check our @PaperCloudsApparel's new campaign - Guitars For Good! They are showcasing the creative minds & artistic avilites of individuals with special needs white raising funds for the schools and organizations that support them. Grab a shirt for a great cause. #papercloudsapparel #guitarsforgood #paperclouds

PLEASE READ !! Trish is amazing !

Trish was born Dec. 10, 1986 weighing barely 2 lbs. She was nearly full-term and had stopped growing when I was 3 months pregnant. We knew the whole time we were expecting her that she was in trouble. We lived in Houston at the time and were sent to specialist after specialist. No one could figure out what was happening and warned us she would probably die before she was born. I went to the doctor nearly every day just to make sure her heart was still beating. When her lungs were fully developed labor was induced to get her out. She got stressed and was taken by emergency C-section. She had several complications including a cleft palate and breathing difficulties. She was transported to another hospital after being worked on by a team of doctors and nurses for 4 hrs. She spent 3 months in the NICU, came home for one week and was back in hospital. This process was repeated several times. Long story short, she spent nearly 7 yrs. in and out of hospitals and had a total of 12 surgeries. We said our goodbyes multiple times. We were told she wouldn't live 5 minutes or 5 hours or five days let alone ever celebrate a birthday. Then, we were told she would never walk or talk or see or hear. After numerous doctors and specialists we never did learn why she didn't grow. She never did grow and took growth hormone injections every day for 15 years to help her grow even though her growth hormone was not abnormally low. At 2 years old she only weighed 10 lbs. She had a feeding tube and several issues to deal with. But, after years of therapy, shear determination, and provoking by her brothers, she did learn to walk and she began to hear and she began to talk and she began to see. She is a true miracle!!! Today, she is 4'10" tall and weighs 92 lbs. She only sees 20/40 even with thick glasses and has no peripheral vision or depth perception. She runs track at Special Olympics. She lives for country music and sings like an angel! She has the IQ of a third grader and the social skills of perpetual 14year old teenage girl. She is loving and caring and nurturing and energetic. She dotes over her dog, Betsy, and she loves her family

@boohatchstudio is a legend in the #reddirt scene and we are honored to be selling a Limited Edition shirt for his band.
This design was created by Garrison, a recent high school graduate with autism who is also a very distinguished Special Olympic athlete.
Proceeds go to Agvocates, an amazing organization focused on enriching the lives of those with special needs. Be sure to order yours today !

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