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✨Three tiny paper house plants in their pots, baskets and plant stands 🌿🌱🌵I just *had* to put these guys together 💕 You can see how tiny they are in my previous post 😊✨ 📷 @leocroma
#paperart #terrarium

I am spending the week preparing art works to print and also getting some cards together. I spent an hour this morning going through a whole pile of collages I have mounting up. This one I did for the 100 day project last year but I have never done anything with it. #collageart #paperartist #paperart #collageartistofinstagram #mixedmediaart #childrensbookillustration #illustratorsofinstagram

Damn, I wish I could tell you I thought of this portmanteau all on my own, but I guess I'll just have to settle for being the person who reminded you that "portmanteau" is a word.
How great is it, though? FLAWESOME! How human! Commence unoriginal but still important panegyric on how our flaws make us wonderful and unique:
I talk too loud when I'm having fun or I get excited (or when whiskey). I am not fantastic at keeping my physically cluttered existence nice and tidy. But in each of those "flaws" there is a piece of awesome. Read: I am enthusiastic and engaged! (Sorry, People Sitting at the Next Table) Or: I don't sweat the small stuff, and instead spend my time on living life! (My husband might have a different take on that last justification 😂) MY POINT IS: our flawesomeness is what keeps our personalities from becoming that overly airbrushed face on a magazine cover that looks "perfect" but also looks weird, fake, and vaguely inhuman. I mean, by all means strive to better yourself always, I'm just sayin'—keep it flawesome, my people. 🙌🏼 (Credit for introducing me to this word goes to @kaosyoga—thanks, girl!)

I'm thinking about putting some of my originals into my website shop next week. Are there any people would particularly like to see?

I need a vacation, pronto.

The mystical dance of the GAMANG
Artwork by: @marmarherrz and team
Perfom by: @pancerlangiit
#gamang#mysticaldance#marmarherrz#sculptureart #paperart #paperartist#goodartwork

Paper fruit branches and bees! @woodlucker makes the most beautiful botanical paper art! More of her designs through the link in the @craftsposure bio! #craftsposure


Album No. 11 Love is in the Air

No other love story
could compare
to the love story
that you and I are so lucky to share.

4 years ago today
we finally said, “I do”
And that’s when all of
our wildest dreams came true.

Happy Anniversary!
I love you!
#anniversaryalbum #lovealbum #mrandmiss

DM or WhatsApp at 09464601190 to order

#tuesdays #tuesdaymorning #tuesdaymorningvibes #happyanniversary #LOVEISINTHEAIR #colormered #scrapbooking #anewday #ThePinkUmbrella #TPU #thepinkumbrellashop #potd #lovforpaper #handmade #craftislife #paperartist #papercreations

Hermoso #photostage de @levelambientacion decorado con sus elegantes accesorios y mobiliario y de fondo un bello panel de tela plisada color azul turqueza con detalle de lindas flores #dugorche en tonos rosa, turqueza y lila en celebración de #xvaños .
Muchas gracias @levelambientacion por esta oportunidad de trabajo.
#murodeflores #pareddeflores #floresdepapel #floresrosa #hechoamano #villahermosa #villahermosatabasco #instaflor #instaflores #paperflowers #paperflower #paperflowerbackdrop #paperflowerwall #paperartist #florista #floristadepapel #giantpaperflowers #giantpaperflower #instaflower #handmade #talentotabasqueño #hechoenmexico #xvaños

In loveeee with these itty bitty floating frames - they are perfect for snowflake ornaments! 😍❄️✂️

Turquoise explosion! This piece was made from the colors previewed a few days ago. This is a custom spine made from the X-ray of a spinal fracture injury. I hope to capture a level of pain that the X-ray presented, interpreted into a new form. The body is beautiful in all its sensations. Send me your X-ray and I'd love to make you one too!

There's a part of me that has always loved quilting. My very first blog post in 2006 nonetheless, was about @dsquilts First collection with @freespiritfabric .
I even went as far as opening a fabric shop! But those who know me will not be surprised to hear me say that I am a garbage quilter 😂 💁🏻 @boundedlight? a natural
My mom? Also crazy good.
Me? el garbaggio I really couldn't be bothered with all those little details and perfect corners.
But hang on, I can paint paper, cut it down and make a new, better paper painting?
Now you're talking my language.
The Glass River's Edge
Coming soon!

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