Moimoi “Elemi mewa” is ready
Who wants to try it ?
Thinking of something light for supper? Or your weekly Saturday Pap/Ogi
Then we have got you cover ed .. with our delicious MOI-MOI “ELEMI MEJE” 😀 accompaniment ..
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Pap and Moimoi!

If you didn't have pap and moimoi while growing up, you gotta beg your mum to give birth to you again. This was once Nigeria's most demanded breakfast meal.

Have a healthy munch 😉

Something light😀😀
How has your week been guys? Mine's been great!

That's why i take photos like this.... To remind myself during days like this
That there were days like that
And there will still be days like that
#PAPANDMOIMOI was made in heaven.

Breakfast inspiration:Home made pap and leaf moi moi(bean pudding)

There is a story behind this pap,it happened that my mum went shopping for food stuffs some weeks back,she bought alot of pap because she was planning on making moi moi that weekend,when she got home and tried preparing it she discovered it was bad and smells horribly,she throw the rest away with anger😠 in her words"I can't buy nonsense with my money",she was really angry and I had to calm her down,she told me she was going to make her own pap from scratch,I was like SERIOUSLY😳,I started laughing😂,she said be laughing there na,under your nose I will make it and you will enjoy it,I trust her sha when she set her mind on something she will definitely deliver no matter what😆

The next day she went out and came with a lot of fresh corn,millet and guinea corn,I was just looking at her surprised😮,immediately the process began.After going through the process with her,then I made a conclusion that have been taking in alot of rubbish in my system😭,those women selling in the market I can imagine the water,cloth,bowls,hands and environment they make it😳the process is not really difficult but you have to be patient.At the end it was worth the stress.
Stay tune to my next post, will be giving the receipe on how to make the pap. #pap #papandmoimoi #nigeriandish #breakfast #localdish #food #goodfood #foodporn #foodpicture #lovecooking #foodie

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