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LED lights were supposed to bring about an energy revolution, but their popularity is driving an increase in light pollution worldwide, with dire consequences for human and animal health.

Night-time lights are known to disrupt our body clocks and raise the risks of cancer, diabetes and depression.

As for animals, these lights can kill whether by attracting insects or disorienting migrating birds or sea turtles.

Initiatives have to be taken to address these concerns:
1. Reduce the use decorative lighting.
2. Use of covered bulbs that light facing downwards.
3. Check and put to a stop the use of needless lighting during the day.
4. Use of motion sensors on important outdoor lights.


Not much to report today as I’m stuck on a 6hr bus from Budapest, Hungary to Ljubljana, Slovenia so here’s a panoramic video of Budapest from the Citadel. #budapest #buda #hungary #travel #panoramic #skyline #citadelbudapest #europe #bloodsweatandbeers #hugecalveswhenigethome

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