hhhhh people who do shit like that r so fucking annoying and gross like ognfsnsklshsjsk (swipe)

Okay you guys imma get serious!! This whole #panicfansarestupidft is a little to far! I don't even want to use that hashtag but I have to in order for people to stop using it. Zack said that the way the fans were acting was complete fine! I understand that it could have been a little more calm but there is no reason to call Panic! fans "stupid" that's a very mean and nasty word! I was a little upset that the fans were like that to but it turned it to be completely fine! Please do not use this hashtag at all it is very mean and uncalled for! Thank you so much for taking the time and reading this❤️❤️ #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #patdconcert #panicupdating #fan #patdupdates #patd #patdtour #patdfans #patdfan #fanpage #flag #sarahurie #inlove #love #loveisnotachoice #dallonweekes #kennethharris #danpawlovich

* rant * I know people shouted Ryan's name during intermission and stuff but why do u have to make fucking drama about it and sure some people recorder if they get caught whatever their fault but u don't have to be so god damn dramatic and what the hell with the #panicfansarestupidft like excuse me we are a whole we are a fandom who the hell are you to say the whole fandom is stupid okay we are friends like each and one of you we are excieted to be there don't drain our positivity we are suppost to be nice to one another and not out each other down because pretty much that's all your doing and if your gonna make people feel like shit about them selfs I'm honestly ready to leave this isn't what I signed up for I didn't sign up for the bullshit I signed up for people who loves the same music and band as I.

Thank you for making this, like an hour ago I posted something on my snapchat that said "most panic! people are stupid" #PanicFansAreStupidFT

Hey guys I'm going tonight for my bday and I promise I will be respectful and this whole thing really sucks 😕 ifb all tho #panicfansaregoingtojailparty #panicfansarestupidft

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