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brendon urie ™
cc seraphic / for claire <3
#blessingsgrp I FORGOT THE GRP WM SHIT
this is kinda messy but i like it anyway i love editing my boy

Happy Father's Day everybody! I'm not gonna say Brendon is my "daddy" because that's...weird and makes me uncomfortable.
Dt: @brendon.mp4 you've made me gain so much over the past few days and there's do way I can repay you for that 😭
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don't fuck with the original
edited ac: w.oahbocca | cc: katy

"If you love me, let me go
Cause these words are knives and often leave scars"❣💔💕🌚🍃⚓ 📷@francislei_barbosa
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| simplicity.mp4 |

Sorry this is so simple!! Ill get another edit out soon but here's this for now :)
ac; septitonin
dt; all of you Brendon stans

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|Love Wins 🌈|
Many people requested another, so here you go!

Song -Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/ Mary Lambert

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PSA if you remake or even repost one of my edits please credit me !! ❤️

everything black
sorry some of the scenes are a bit too dark..
thanks ig for ruining the quality
Ac: Me (I added the whoosh sound, and pitched it down)
Dt: anyone & @frxnpls
[ #twentyonepilotsedits #panicatthediscoedit ]

Throwback to backstage Panic! at the Disco concert with Brendon ❤️ Can't believe how many years it's been since I've first met this goofball 😂 He can always make me laugh with all of his crazy shenanigans! (P.s. I look sweaty & gross in this pic and we should just not address this 😬 lol)


Collab with @yungtonix •Sorry I'm inactive as fUCK • Their part is greater than my entire life existence 👌🏻 really fun collabing with them even though I sent my part very late.

_dt_ irrelevant

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