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3 years ago on this date October 2nd 2014 I went to the ER for massive stomach pain that I was dealing with for years that I just brushed off and when I got to the hospital I was taken for multiple tests and the diagnoses was pancreatitis which is inflammation of the pancreas this stomach issue is only 1 of 3 I currently deal with to this day. And On June 22nd 2015 I got my gallbladder removed because once again I was in the hospital for stomach pain and doctors found that I had sludge in my gallbladder that was causing me more pain on top of my pancreatitis so I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. And now early this year I was also diagnosed with 2 other stomach issues called gastroparesis which is paralyzation of the stomach and gastritis which is inflammation of the stomach wall. So I was told to go see a nutritionist and seeing if changing up my food and how much I eat would help me feel better but it didn't I felt the worst I've ever felt in my life I was losing a lot of weight I lost 40 pounds in a year. So after talking to my GI doctor at Jefferson university hospital I was given the option to get a GJ feeding tube placed into my stomach so I didn't have to eat anymore so I wouldn't be in anymore pain hopefully and I said let's do it. So on June 11th of this year I had surgery to place a GJ feeding tube into my abdomen the tube goes threw my stomach into my jejunum so I no longer eat food by mouth I get my nutrition from a feeding pump I am connected to from 9pm till 11am every night. these past 3 years have been hard I've been to numerous GI doctors had numerous hospital stays and 2 surgeries but I'm still staying strong and positive about all this and not letting it get the best of me. If anybody out there has any kind of medical issue just stay strong and things will get better!👌🏻 #gastroparesis #pancreatitis #gastritis #gjfeedingtube

Miss Betty White had to go into the vet last night needed fluids. She's resting nicely today. We thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers 🙏
#BettyWhite #pancreatitis #pekipug #pugs #idontfeelgood #thankyoufriends #whitepug #puglove

Absolutely nothing in this world makes sense anymore while we wait for Foxy's further blood test results and manage his symptoms. But we promise we will move every damn mountain to get you better again. {Feeling very thankful for a great trusted vet too.} #beenalongweek #pancreatitis #catsofinstagram #bestcatever

I have an unhealthy relationship with Hospitals. #pancreatitis

I'd like to just say a little bit on this , I came across this beautiful young girl on my twitter through a post her mom had made about her going into her next surgery . I only took one look at this precious girls face and something resonated with me hard . To see her face look brave and pretty knowing she has been ill since she was 2 in and out the hospital for 9 years and now 11 hoping this next surgery would fix her pain and illness .
#pancreatitis . Now I feel strange speaking about a family I don't know but I asked @freya.felton mom @clairabellf if I could please come to Birmingham children's hospital and pay here daughter @freya.felton a visit , I don't know this specific situation well but I do know hospitals having dealt with it myself and my family member . So i went yesterday to meet Freya who was so angelic and soft spoken yet so unbelievably strong . It was an honour and pleasure to meet the family and offer any kind of help and support I could . I'm humbled . Please stay strong and I hope to build a friendship with u @freya.felton @clairabellf @onlywayiswez ❤️❤️❤️

6 weeks post op! I've had quite a few people message me regarding getting the gall bladder out, especially worried about the scars. So here you go: These are my scars 6 weeks later- almost invisible. It helps I have freckles so they kinda blend in 😂 I can officially start exercising as of today which means I can go back to work bike riding, canoeing and snorkelling again! Yay 😍 The pancreatitis hasn't fully left the system. I still get waves of nausea and pain so I have had to tweak my diet ( can't really handle heavy foods- red meat, pasta 😩, or massive meals) and I'm still too scared to try alcohol but other than that, life is back to normal without a gall bladder! #pancreatitis #gallbladdersurgery

Otis came down with a bad bout of pancreatitis on Tuesday. It scared the life out of us, but our vets at @southglenveterinaryhospital were fantastic. He is on the mend and more himself every hour it seems. 💗 @lifeofhades has been a wonderful brother to him throughout this, lots of love in our house. #bassethound #bassetsofinstagram #pancreatitis #poorbaby


Spending the night at the ER vet. Prayers appreciated 🙏🏼❤️😢 #pancreatitis #dehydration #diabeticketoacidosis #severepain #babyboy #springerspaniel #springerofinstagram #springerlove

Look who's home and looking a bit scruffy after a tough couple of nights at the vet!!! Sally is better but still has a hard road to recovery. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. #newdiet #pancreatitis #sickbaby #sally #valleywalkanimalhospital

In the last few days I've #googled #pancreatitis symptoms and healthy #catfood, so how my targeted advertising settled on a spare #tongue is beyond me. #wtf #wish #wishapp #shoppingshenanigans #fivestars #youneverknow #alwayskeepaspare #thepossibilitiesareendless

Being a part of a team like this is one of the best feelings! We always create a good vibe among us, it doesn’t matter if we are in the lab or out. Working in such an environment makes it much easier, to do the hard work. Achieving a milestone like winning a prize at a conference is just the cherry on top. They help me enjoy the process and that’s the most important for me! Love you guys ❤️ (everyone from the lab, not just who is in the picture)

It’s almost here folks. Just get through today. You can do it!!<<What am I talking about? The hustle never turns off!!>>

I have set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise money to care and test our Cat Trois. Link is in my bio, please at least take a read. Any bit helps. #gofundme #sick #cat #illpet #sad #sickkitty #yyc #alberta #fundraising #helpus #please #unfortunate #pancreatitis #livercancer #unknown #donate #help

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