Today's Bhuta is Tejas, the subtle essence of fire. Tejas is the illumination of the sun, which gives us warmth, light, color and energy. It governs the digestion of food, thoughts, wisdom and emotions.
Tejas is the principal of light that accompanies life (the spark of consciousness). To meditate on Tejas, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few breaths. Rest in the warmth and safety of this present moment. Begin to imagine a small light flickering deep within your heart. As you inhale, see this small light growing brighter and stronger. As you exhale, see and feel this light spread. Let the quality of the light be warm and bright. Let the quality of the breath be smooth, like oil. Continue with this practice until the light fills then surrounds your whole body (you can even send it out to a loved one who needs a little more radiance in their life). Sit within the radiance for as long as you like.
To conclude this practice, allow the light to return to the heart, one breath at a time.

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Curious about yoga? ...
Where do these practices flow from? Why do we do them? ...
Want to recommit to yourself? Your body. Your mind. Your heart. Your life. ...
Want to cultivate a home yoga and meditation practice? ...
Want to come hang out with me? ...
Starting Monday, May 14., a great group of beautiful people will journey through daily yoga, daily meditation, eating a balanced diet based on Ayurveda and journaling based on the 5 Great Elements (#panchamahabhutas ) at YogaSoup.
It’s a perfect way to transition from Spring to summer. Ground into your foundation. Flow and create. Motivate yourself. Feel what matters most to you. And find the space you need. ...
Email me for more information at kelly@mountainlotus.com.
Starts Monday, May 14 at 7:30pm.
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The next five days will focus on the panchamahabhutas (the five elements) beginning with prithvi.

Prithvi is Earth. Take off your shoes and sit or lie on the earth. For this exercise, feel free to take any position that offers you a sense of connection (I am demonstrating child's pose). Take a few breaths and allow the body and mind to relax. As you relax, begin to feel the nourishing element of Earth. Become aware of the support and stability Earth offers. With every exhalation, try to relax down. It is safe to let go. The earth is holding you.

Linger here for a few moments and notice what comes to mind. To conclude your practice, rest on your back for a while.
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Staring down into my ceremonial cup of Kakao, gazing upon this breathtaking view, my beloved Roxy and the sweetness of my beautiful, cheerful, angel Victoria.. Feeling the shift of energy as the New Moon of May approaches. Can you feel it?
I've been feeling deeply, but in a funky way, cant really explain what it is... is it a sign for me to surrender into silence, allow space for whatever is to enter my life to come in gracefully & let go of what no longer belongs... no more waiting with arms crossed, but instead opening my arms up wide, surrendering to the rythym of my own heartbeat... trusting again, trusting in myself, staying grounded with feet planted in the earth, lighting up my internal passion with the fire from the sun, flowing with the waves, breathing in deeply all the spiritual guidance from my ancestors and the holy spirit... beautiful blessings can only come upon us when we feel beauty, even in the darkest moments the slightest bit of light can shine the brightest if we gaze upon it. ❤ #Ceremonial #Kakao 🌱 #Waves #Dolphins #PuppyLove #Beautiful #Daughter #earth #panchamahabhutas #surrender #ishvarapranidhana #armswideopen #letgo #justbe

Encerrando o domingo feliz e realizada... depois de um lindo final de semana de estudo, muitas trocas e aprendizado ao lado dessa turma querida e desses professores fantásticos!
🕉️ Namaskar! 🙏
"Om Namo Sri Bhagawan Dhanwantaraye Namaha!"
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According to ancient yogic wisdom, all of nature (including us) is made up of the 5 Great Elements (#panchamahabhutas ): Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. ...
These elements interact to create the universe we inhabit. When they are in #harmony we experience health and well-being. When they are out of harmony, an array of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony can occur. ...
Starting May 14, I am leading a growing group of yogis through the 5 Elements to create personal harmony, alignment and #wholeness . ...
There is so much more to yoga than you find in your average yoga class or teacher training. As you explore the five elements through #asana , #pranayama , #mantra , #mudra , #meditation and discussion, you will deepen your practice and transform your life.
If you teach yoga, you will learn powerful teaching tips to meet your students where they are and gracefully guide them forward on their journey of healing, growth and evolution. ...
As you expand your consciousness and awaken the multidimensionality of your being, you will heal your mind/body/ heart and awaken your soul. ...
5 weeks, 5 Elements: A Path to Wholeness
May 14-June 15 at Yoga Soup Includes: * One meeting each week to introduce each weeks focus and check in for accountability and support - Monday’s 7:30-9pm (except Memorial Day where we will meet on Wednesday instead) *Daily Yoga through online videos and one weekly in-studio practice on Fridays 6-7:30am * Daily meditation through audio recordings * Introduction to Ayurvedic diet - eating seasonal whole grains, fruits and vegetables to create personal balance * Contemplation and journaling
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Contact me directly to register. Kelly@mountainlotus.com

Our cyclical nature is our uniqueness. It is through this alignment that we can let go and create simultaneously. It is through witnessing external phases (of the moon, the seasons, one another) that we recognize internal phases, see ourselves as microcosms of the macrocosm. It is through change that we remember we are the earth, the rivers, the wildfires, the wind, the space connecting it all. The freedom to transmute with a heartbeat. The lived truth that we are always whole on the inside. Always.
Last night, @freedomciavarello introduced our moon circle to the cacao devi - she called cacao the heart blood of the earth, a vehicle for alchemical transmutation. Every time we gather together, to reflect the truth of our being, I feel held - to share in the ceremony of cacao created another depth of ground. It is in this grounding, these safe shared spaces, that hearts can open.
We are in constant transition. How beautiful that we can be held and opened within change. My hope for you is that your time on the mat offers you the space to practice changing. That you can hold yourself and those around you as you change. That, as Freedom offered, we can stay near our becoming.
🔸Mon: Hatha @220studio (5:15PM)
🔸Tues: Power Vinyasa @pranaportland (8:30AM)
🔸Wed: Pavan Muktasana @220studio (7:00AM)
🔸Wed: Hatha @220studio (9:00AM)
🔸Sat: Vinyasa @rootwholebody NE (10:00AM)
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Pinda Swedana is a type of Ayurvedic massage which is done with warm medicated herbal oils and herb bags. These bags/boluses are prepared by a combination of herbs depending on the client’s body type as well as health condition. Herbs are tied in linen cloth to make small bags which are then dipped in warm oils and placed on the body.
It is highly recommended for arthritis, muscle and joints pain, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulders, neck pain and stiffness, back pain, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, fibroids, menopause, thyroid, PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, stress, depression, sleep problems, psoriasis, gout and allergies.

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Ayurveda recommends that lunch be the largest meal of the day, since this is the time the digestive agni (fire) is working at its maximum potency. As the sun goes down, so does our agni. Dinner should be lighter than lunch, and should ideally be eaten before 8:00pm, late-night meals interfere with sleep, and after 10:00pm the body is working to burn off toxins and continues to digest food from the day.

Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande

As is the atom, so is the universe
All that is in me, exisits in nature 💜 #remembrance #elements #bhutas #panchamahabhutas #groundingpractice #woodlandwalks #livingyoga #mothernature #bluebells

My friend and fellow teacher Alex Giovannini offers his insight from participating in the 5 Elements program. ...
I notice that it’s often really simple tools-like eating grounding foods when we feel ungrounded-that make the biggest differences in our well being. ...
Join me May 14-June 15 for 5 Weeks 5 Elements: A Path to Wholeness At Yoga Soup. Includes daily yoga, daily meditation, balanced/seasonal diet and contemplation. ....
There’s a great group that’s already formed and still plenty of room. Join us! ...
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Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest forms of medicine knowledge, concentrates on health and wellness by harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, Ayurveda promotes internal cleansing for improved health. A 'Panchakama' is the process of getting rid of food and toxins that interfere with efficient body function.

Pitta is hot, so you balance it with foods that are sweet, bitter, astringent/cold, heavy and or oily—such as salads, steamed vegetables, fruit and coconut oil. Sip cool or room temperature water with cucumber slices or drink coconut water to keep cool and hydrated. Take Brahmi Brain, Neem and Amalaki to keep your mind cool and calm, to cleanse your blood and prevent inflammation. Take 500-1000mg of each, for 1-2 days after food.

Vata is cold and dry. So have hot drinks like ginger tea, or chamomile tea. Center your diet around broths, cheese (warm, not cold as long as you are not lactose intolerant), carrots, onions, cooked spinach, garlic and spices. Avoid cold foods such as salads (because raw salads increase the air in your body) and ice cream. Generally speaking, avoid cold foods, raw foods and dry foods. Eat warm, oily, moist foods instead.

Spent 🌏 day @beayogahero . Trying to sit still for a few hours, breath, relax and shimmy!💃
Thanks @annaflowyoga 🙏👌
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Repost from @annaflowyoga using @RepostRegramApp - Join me this Sunday on Earth Day for an exploration of nature's elements through yoga. Think lots of asana including inversions and arm balances, lots of pranayama and mantra and plenty of time for meditation and relaxation. Did I mention lunch? And a stroll by the river? It's the perfect way to honour Mother Earth and connect to the nature within.


Namaste x

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O elemento terra, chamado “prithvi” em sânscrito, é o quinto dos cinco grandes elementos (pancha mahabhutas). Ele vem em quinto porque evolui de cada um dos outros quatro elementos (éter, ar, fogo e água), contendo a essência desses elementos dentro dele. O elemento Terra representa a matéria sólida e a estrutura do universo, a nutrição e a estabilidade. A terra dá forma ao corpo humano e à toda a criação. A estrutura fornecida pela terra é o canal através do qual os outros elementos fluem. Todos os elementos nascem do éter e estão contidos na terra.
Este elemento entra no corpo através dos alimentos que consumimos.
Para saber mais marque um atendimento pelo 085 99999-9085 ou por direct msg. 🌱 .

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O elemento água, chamado “apas” em sânscrito, é o quarto dos cinco grandes elementos (pancha mahabhutas). Proporciona ao corpo o alimento mais básico.
Conhecer qualquer elemento é conhecer suas qualidades. A água é fria, estável, pesada, úmida, lisa, grossa, fluida, opaca, turva e macia. É importante ter em mente suas qualidades e usar este elemento quando você está se sentindo muito quente, sem ancoragem, desidratadx, ásperx, desprovidx de auto-estima, obstruídx e imóvel, irritável com uma língua afiada, vulnerável ou se seu coração estiver muito duro.
Para saber mais, marque um atendimento pelo 085 99999-9085 ou por direct msg. 🌱 .

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Join me this Sunday on Earth Day for an exploration of nature's elements through yoga. Think lots of asana including inversions and arm balances, lots of pranayama and mantra and plenty of time for meditation and relaxation. Did I mention lunch? And a stroll by the river? It's the perfect way to honour Mother Earth and connect to the nature within.


Namaste x

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