a few things on my mind;
Something about humans and their need to grab ahold of some kind of power over another. Like.. tf is up with that?
If you're a human, which you probably are, you'll be able to see it around you and the way someone treats another. You'll see it in the world's history as it's one of the roots of conflict itself.
Where one desires control over another - sounds a lot like how wars start right? Okay okay maybe a little extreme of an option so let's go to the smaller wars out there.
You see it in a husband resorting to physical harm to keep his wife "contained." Now you're probably going like "damn that got serious," but where the notion of war itself is way more serious than domestic violence, it doesn't pack as big of a punch as domestic violence because war is simply less relatable in every way, shape, and form.
Or you see not only subordination through physical abuse but emotional as well. One can truly insult another and bring them down mentally, speak ill about them in front of others, and hurt them as much as possible to feed their own insecurities that they see in the other person.
Humans man... They got some twisted part inside of them that makes them think a given action is okay when it truly isn't. They give themselves the power and make themselves believe they are right to do some things while that right never really existed at all.
Aliyah, Nouman, (beautiful souls - check them out) and I were driving through the mountains on a day trip and came across three goats eating away.
The world really is something. Where you have all kinds of messed up things happening to someone by another somewhere in the world, you also have something completely unrelated happening simultaneously at another corner of it.
A child loses her grandmother and, still not having comprehended death itself, and she is concerned about her disappearance.
A drop of water falls from the tip of a tree amidst the Amazon rainforest and glides to the ground from one leaf to another.
A newly-wed couple decide to divorce on good terms but face shame and gossip.
The moon floats in a blue sky as it traps the eyes of someone alone.

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We visited the new @20oztea on Sunday and it was the best. The colours of those gradients 😍

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OKAY NEW YORK. I'm going over some of the discussion questions for tonight's panel with @discover.outdoors for @womenoutdoorsweek and holy crap it's going to be a really challenging and inspiring night. I hate public speaking so much that I brought a tomato to my last event, but I'm so inspired by these questions that I think I'll leave the tomato behind. If you haven't signed up for tonight's event, do it now! Let's laugh and talk and maybe eat pizza afterward. It's going to be a good night, New York. Doors open at 6:30, panel begins at 7:00. Link in bio for more details. 📷: Sam Cervantes. Brought to you by @arcteryxsoho and @salomon, in partnership with @outdoorwomen 🐾 Follow us @mountainclimbing.itg 💝 💕 Make sure you push like follow for daily pics! 😃 💞 Thank you my friend
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