One of the biggest trophy Cubera Snapper our guests ever caught. We have had many of these incredible fish on top-water lures in the last 6 years here. The ultimate challenge from a Kayak! Reckon you've got what it takes? Come fish with us...... Credit - Jason Arnold photography #panamakayakadventure #panamakayakfishing #mothershipfishing #popping #jigging #topwater #wildcoast #hobie #hobiefishing #hobiefishingteam #fishing #kayakangler #kayakangling #extremefishing #catchandrelease www.panamakayakadventure.com

Mothership kayak fishing adventures a speciality. Miles of untouched virgin fishing to explore. Jaw dropping scenery and location. Sublime fishing #kayakfishing #panamakayakfishing #panama #panamakayakadventure #mothershipfishing #virginfishing #remote #jigging #popping #40milesofuntouchedfishing

While fishing this past week, guides @adamfishk and @kevinbendeck spotted some floating debris out in the distance. They decided to check it out and with our 2 guests landed 10 mahi, 4 yellowfin tuna, a triple tail, 1 roosterfish, 1 cubera snapper and several other species in under 1 hour and less than 90ft of water.

Consecutively putting big roosters in the boat! There’s no place like @losbuzospanama! 3 big roosters landed in 30 minutes with this one going close to 50lbs... where else do you find action like this?? @accuratefishing @diamondfishingproducts @nrsfishing @adrenalinerods @hobiefishing @railblaza #accurate #valiantBV2 #800

@kevinbendeck with a solid rooster from yesterday. Jesse, Kevin, and Adam all landed big roosterfish in a span of 30 minutes! That’s the kind of crazy action we get here! @hobiefishing @nrsfishing @diamondfishingproducts @accuratefishing

Kelly from Cali came down with her husband Aaron for a day. They had an amazing time landing several yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, this beautiful roosterfish and more! They also saw countless sea turtles and dolphin. @nrsfishing @railblaza @diamondfishingproducts @hobiefishing

Episode 1 from our April Trips is live! Check out the insane action. Link to video can be found on our Facebook page!

Behind that massive sailfish is our newest guide @kevinbendeck! The sailfish have moved into @losbuzospanama and we are seeing them every day! He landed this beauty on the @accuratefishing bx-500. What a fight! @diamondfishingproducts

I’m just out here trying to catch blue runners...Sometimes I can’t avoid these guys! Wayyyy to many roosterfish here come catch them! @diamondfishingproducts @accuratefishing @adrenalinerods @hobiefishing @railblaza @yozuri_lures @rcioptics

Guide by-catch... @adamfishk mainly focuses on catching bait all day to supply everyone with blue runners for the best chance at hooking up a Trophy fish. However sometimes there’s just so many roosterfish around that he can’t avoid them! @yozuri_lures @diamondfishingproducts @nrsfishing @hobiefishing

Jessica trying to get her name on the King Cock Trophy... (biggest roosterfish). She landed two beasts during her stay. After reviving this one we headed over to check out @yakfishfield and his beast 53 incher which put him in second place. Gotta love double hookups on big roosters. It’s a common theme here! @nrsfishing @hobiefishing @diamondfishingproducts @railblaza

“Put me on the big cock list” 😂😂😂 Jessica with a beast rooster... double hookup here. Robert was still fighting his monster measuring 53 to the fork. @accuratefishing @adrenalinerods @nrsfishing @nrsfishing @diamondfishingproducts

Peter from Spain with a solid Sierra mackerel! We turned this beautiful fish into some amazing sashimi. @nrsfishing @diamondfishingproducts @railblaza @hobiefishing @hobiecatcompany

Doing it big here at @losbuzospanama! Matt got this beast pacific sailfish on day one! His first time in the ocean on a kayak! Insane! Video to come, stay tuned! @nrsfishing @accuratefishing @adrenalinerods @railblaza 📸 @yakfishfield

@kevinbendeck our newest addition to the team, with a juicy corvina! These are always welcome in the fish bag! @hobiefishing @diamondfishingproducts @railblaza @nrsfishing

@yakfishfield shows off his biggest roosterfish of all time. This beast is in second place on our King Cock trophy! He never thought he would beat his rooster from his last trip, but ended up crushing his record! #landofgiants @nrsfishing @railblaza @diamondfishingproducts @hobiefishing

Owen here with one of several roosters he caught on his trip. This month 11 out of 13 anglers landed roosterfish and everyone hooked several. If you want to knock roosterfish off your bucket list this is the place to come! @nrsfishing @diamondfishingproducts @hobiefishing @railblaza

Not 10 minutes after landing the first sailfish in Los Buzos history, Matt hooks this big rooster! Two once in a lifetime catches in less than a hour! That’s how we do it! @hobiefishing @diamondfishingproducts @hobiecatcompany @nrsfishing

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