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Otro año más disfrutando de Halloween en el @parquedeatraccionesmadrid 🕸 🎃 👻
#pam2017 #pam

Un año más 🎃 #pam2017halloween 🔪 #pam2017 💀👻🎢

Penang anime matsuri 😝Kita date ngan spupu ja yg mmpu pon 😌 Segan nk tgkap gmbaq ngan cosplay senaqnya 😂
@xfiq_xz @nursyazanasir

sorry for the lack of updates today! my phone connection was really weak orz.. photoshooted allen and leenalee this morning ( LOVED THE PICTURES ! ) and went to PAM for a short while, mainly indoors. i will be staying outdoors tomorrow (around ticketing/the balcony/roof garden) as tamamo cat ! hope to meet up easily with more people qwq #PAM2017

My forehead is full of secrets


Feel kinda disappointed with the event but it's okay, at least i get to spend more time wif bibier xD #tb#pam2017#day2#yukata

Are you love anime ?

Another selfie with the boys 💗

I love every single meeting we had and I am looking forward to the next one already 😘

Have a safe flight back home boys.

Need to go back to KL now and go to work tomorrow.Need to save money to buy merchandise in your next event.Fighting!!! P/S: @hongliiii0907 you photobomber!hugs and kisses for you 💗💗💗 #moemoebaozi #moemoehana #baozihana #pam2017 #penang


Muy feliz con la ponencia en la #PAM2017

Muy buen día en la #PAM2017 y aprendiendo muchas cosas interesantes!!

Entrevista #PAM2017

Un año más 🎃 #pam2017halloween 🔪 #pam2017 💀👻🎢

Causa a la limeña #pam2017

2 de los n cracks de la #PAM2017

Otro año más disfrutando de Halloween en el @parquedeatraccionesmadrid 🕸 🎃 👻
#pam2017 #pam

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