Palo santo
Es un árbol que nace principalmente el Peru y Ecuador.
El palo santo desprende un humo blanco, este lo usamos para limpiar y purificar espacios, atraemos buenas energías y aromatiza el sitio en donde se quema, era un ritual indígena.
Al hacerlo en tu casa es bueno ir llevando pensamientos/afirmaciones positivas en tu mente.
Se usa tradicionalmente para aliviar síntomas de gripe, asma, dolores de cabeza y otros más. Se puede comprar el “palo” o la esencia si tienes el aromatizador eléctrico. Normalmente luego de limpiar la casa, lo prendo y hago una meditación para atraer muchas cosas buenas🧘‍♀️✌🏻 **Si siguen a @ma_evangelina ese es el “palo” que sale en sus historias en las mañanas ❤️ #palosanto #palosantowood #meditacion #purification #healing #goodvibes

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We’ve put together some smudging bundles with sustainably harvested palo santo from Peru and @thewolfandthehawkincense to
cleanse your home and heart space.

✨ Here are some of my favourite items and some new additions which I’m getting used to | I love burning sage, not only does it get rid of negative energy and make me feel amazing overall. It also cleanses the air around me. Studies have shown that smudging has medicinal benefits for people suffering with headaches, asthma, colds, coughs and much more, due to air purification. | 🔮Crystals I use are : Amethyst, Citrine and Tourmaline | I sometimes love rubbing some of my warm winter oil on the sage I burn, I really love the smell and it’s so calming during meditation. @livekarmayoga | Finally, Palo Santo is the new edition to my circle, I used it for the first time today and I am still not sure if it is something which I could use. I got an intense headache after using it and I also felt nauseous. Friends, please tell me if I did something wrong or if I could do something differently so that I don’t get a headache. | .
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Palo Santo - means Holy Wood - rich in volatile oils that invite positive energy when used as smudge. I love the smell, even just the wood on its own ❤️ #morningmeditation #palosantowood #itsagoodmorning

#palosantowood lähdössä matkaan 😍🙏✨#ystävät #sisterhood

Come see meh!

⚡️Wednesday:Dharma Art Class Schedule/Drop-Ins Welcome ⚡️
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12:15-12:45:Mid-Day Revive all-level w/Kendra
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⚡️More information/sign-up :www.mydharmaart.com or check the “stories “ on IG

CLEANSE + CHARGE PACK 🌬 Was $46 Now $42🌑 6 x LEFT In store only ✔️These packs are available exclusively at shop in Hotham St Ripponlea Village 🎟COME AND VISIT US!☝🏻 Thurs-Sun 10:30-5:30pm 🛍🎏What’s Inside? ➕1 x Palo Santo Incense stick ➕1 x Selenite Charging wand
➕1 x Apophyllite Star 💫 Palo Santo Wood is from South America and in Spanish is also known as ‘Holy Wood’ 🙏🏻 Light it up to wash over your crystals or to set the mood before a yoga or meditation! So good for raw crystals that are too delicate to water cleanse 💦 Without re lighting they will burn and then smoke for about 2 minutes. Handy little sticks they are and last a fair few burns! Make sure you pop it in an inflammable dish like a crystal bowl or even a shell 🐚 afterward! Selenite helps to purify and also helps to remove energy blocks and re calibrate other crystals- a charging plate ⚡️🌪all wrapped up in a beautiful German pastel pink string- cos at @stonedcrystals we ALWAYS #thatsilverlining#palosantowood #palosanto #cleanse #charge #selenite

What is your favorite way to cleanse your crystal energy, or even your space in general? Or do you not? My favorite is palo santo, which is why I like to include a small mini stick in every order. Even if you don't feel it needs it when it arrives, I just love the smell of it in general! It reminds me of a fireplace, or campfire when I was younger. Scents are such powerful memories for me, so it's almost like an immediate 'happiness high' when I smell #palosanto.⠀
Should I stock palo santo in the shop?⠀
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Despachamos para todo o Brasil
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