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Breast augmentation by Dr. Boudreault. Once a "pocket" has been made below the muscle, Dr. B uses an antibiotic wash to cleanse the tissue and make sure that there is no bleeding. He then uses a device called a Keller Funnel to insert the implant without touching the skin. This is done to decrease the risk of scar tissue formation around the implant called capsular contraction. Once the implant is in, her incision will be closed in multiple layers with dissolvable sutures. Notice the difference between her left breast (with the implant) and right breast without. Another beautiful result from our favorite doctor! (📽 posted with patient permission)

Procedure: Breast Augmentation
Technique: Submuscular, inframammary approach
Implants: Allergan SRM silicone smooth round
Sizes: 330cc (left breast) and 375cc (right breast)
Procedure Time: One hour
Estimated Recovery Time: 3-5 days
Price: $7000-$8000

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20/20 distance? How's the near vision?#townandcountryvillage #paloalto #paloaltoca #eyes #optometry

How do two neighboring companies share a #TDA? You simply interchange department plates! Depending on who’s responding to a call, the City of Mountain View and Palo Alto each have painted stainless steel plates to swap out in the holders on their 100’ #ArrowXT #Tiller. #MountainViewCA #PaloAltoCA

Hi, Mark 👋🏼👍🏽👍🏽 #facebookhq #PaloAlto #paloaltoca #menlopark

You know it's a good day when you get a shipment of brand new mannequins 🙌
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Before, immediately after and 5 months post breast reduction and mastopexy (breast lift) surgery. During this patient's surgery, adjustments were made to restore nipple position and reduce breast volume to create a more symmetric and youthful-appearing chest. This patient elected to remain natural, but frequently a breast implant can be added to restore the volume in the upper poles of the breast as well. She looks and feels beautiful, which makes me a really happy surgeon.
Bay Area plastic surgeon, Dr. David Boudreault
For inquiries call 📱 650.433.8621 or email contact@illuminateplasticsurgery.com

Website 💻: illuminateplasticsurgery.com
Instagram 📸: @illuminateplasticsurgery @bayareapicosure @siliconvalleysculpsure
Snapchat 👻: @illuminatesurg
YouTube 📽: Illuminate Plastic Surgery, David Boudreault MD.
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A Trailblazer @bare_bowls on this fine Sunday 🌲🍓 #barebowls #trailblazer #paloaltoca #acaibowl #delicious


How I do Wednesday's ... Yohji Yamamoto ~con~ Kermit the 🐸

2016 Dodge Challenger- JL Audio 12" W7 in factory high output box powered by the XD1000/1v2 #justfit #jlaudio #thisishowweplay #dodge #chrysler #challenger #siliconvalley #mountainviewca #paloaltoca #carstagram #caraudio #cars #allincartechnology

Congratulations to these two winners! We are so proud of you Quincy and Aaron! 🎾 #tournament #winners #champions #kimgranttennisacademy #wherechampionsaremade

What does good health mean to you? .
Good health is about daily, intentional choices that you make. Even the healthiest among us can lose sight of our health intentions. Since Summer is so bountiful with fresh fruits and veggies, we thought it is time to talk about nutrition. Not just eating plenty of veggies (although that is a great idea), but developing and maintaining good “nutrition” for all aspects of your life!
Nutrition for your MIND: . .
Feeding your mind well will help you to reach your full potential. So what is healthy “food” for your brain?
• Maintaining healthy, close relationships, and fixing broken ones.
• Developing and maintaining spiritual connectedness.
• Embracing your passions

Nutrition for your SOUL:
• Ditto on the close relationships.
• Get out. Drive to a nearby park or hiking trail, scamper down the path a bit, and just breathe. The vastness and beauty of nature can help put your issues in perspective.
• Massage therapy at Kua Body. Each Massage session comes complete with immunity-boosting, sleep-promoting benefits!
Nutrition for your BODY:
• Exercise. Exercise actually stimulates your brain, lifts your mood, and is great for all parts of your body. Get your 30-45 minutes in, 3-5 times per week for maximum results. You’ll also notice a difference in your energy, your skin, and your muscle tone.
• Focus on the quality of your food, versus the quantity. Protein, fiber, lots of colorful produce, and plenty of omega-3’s will keep you feeling satisfied, energized, and fuller for longer. And after eating well for a few weeks, you’ll notice that what you offer to others around you will be of higher quality, too!

Just me and my coffeee...and my 18 hour lips...🎶🎵🎶 Okay, I know that's not a real song but it's mine this early morning. 5:30am and off to work. Birds are already up and super loud so I might as well join. Happy Slay Wednesday, my friends...

At Illuminate, we take great care to ensure you are comfortable, informed and confident in your decision to improve your appearance. If you have questions or aren't sure where to start, use the form on our site to reach out to Molly, our ACNP for answers! #PaloAltoCA #plasticsurgery #PaloAlto #bayarea #lovemyjob

A lot of our clients ask us what exercise we recommend in the summer. In addition to Yoga, our Kua Body team recommends swimming as one of the healthiest exercises! Here are our top reason why you should add swimming into your fitness routine...
1. Your joints like it. Because you only bear about 10% of your weight in the water, swimming offers a cardio workout without the wear and tear on your body that you might find with running or playing sports. .
2. Your muscles like it. Given the great resistance that water provides, simply moving through water can tone and strengthen muscles. Add in swimming powerful strokes for 30 minutes at a time, and you’ve got an effective muscle-building workout, no weights or equipment needed. In fact, swimming works an impressively high number of major muscle groups including your arms, back, legs, glutes, and core, making it an effective full-body workout.
3. Your waistline likes it. Of course, any kind of exercise can help manage weight if paired with a healthy diet. However, swimming can be especially good for weight control in that it provides both cardiovascular and strength-training, all in one workout. Aerobic exercise can burn a high level of calories, while building muscles can help ensure that your metabolism stays nice and high.

First day of 2nd week CalColor Camp! We are all little plants scientist today! Study each plants and draw them together! #calcolors #boosterpark #calcoloracademy #mountainviewca #paloaltoca #sanjosecalifornia #fremontcalifornia #arteducation #childrenart #pleinairartist #artinnature

Lavender is in bloom in the #paloaltoca #rincinadacampus community garden!

Happy Monday! ☺️ I don't know about you, but I could seriously go for some ice cream, froyo, or gelato right now.🍦😋 This photo was taken inside the charming Tin Pot Creamery in Los Altos, CA by @thegirlstable. They also have locations in Palo Alto and Campbell. Tin Pot Creamery serves hand-crafted ice cream that's made with organic ingredients. They have flavors like Earl Grey, Four Barrel Coffee with Cocoa Nib Toffee, Salted Butterscotch, Cookie Monster 🍪 and more. 😍 If you're ever in the area, check them out! What's your favorite ice cream flavor? (PS: Please don't break my heart and say mint chocolate chip. 😣🤢)

Well, hello there. Looks like it's Purple Reign Monday ❤️
Lipsense Color: Purple Reign.

Eye-charts for young patients are fun! Schedule summer exams Monday thru Saturday.
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New protein Drink Mix Berries & cream NON-GM is out!!! 🍒🍓🍹 Helping clients to order theirs then out for lunch to enjoy this beautiful sunny Sunday! 👌💪🙏 #herbalifenutrition #proteindrinkmix #berriesandcream #nongmo #teatime #ilovewhatido #fitness #loseweight #gainmusclemass #paloaltoca #wellnesscoach #california #healthylifestyle #workfromhome

If you're at the @stanfordshop today, come check out our table in front of @anthro_paloalto as part of their Locally Yours Pop-up Market event 🙌 We have local, in-season stone fruits and free cheese samples. We'll be there with other local vendors from 11am - 3pm, and you can also pick up a coupon for more FREE cheese 🧀. Other vendors include @nobletreatlife, @signaturesweetscookies, @highnotecoffee, @alexsteele and @urbanbotanicamenlo. 🎉
#locallyyourspopup #anthropologiepaloalto #sigonasfarmersmarket #locallygrown #californiacleangrowers #stanfordshoppingcenter #paloaltoca

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