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Greetings from Germany! Airbeat One! #FoundPikachu #PalletTown #DonDiablo #TourLife

C'è chi parte da #PalletTown (non #BiancaVilla) e chi parte da #Senorbì per seguire il sogno di diventare #MaestroPokemon!
A breve le news sulla sfida per conquistare la palestra di Alimathà!

"Entschuldigung, Was zagen Sie?" #kachelhoutjes #pallettown #doedorp2017 #arrrr #zagen

With a heart so true, I know that this courage alone will pull us through. Let my life be the proof. 🏭

CC: @adamav 📸

#pallettown #courage #ilovemycity #lakers #defineyoursuccess

Every fan of Generation 1 needs this! 😜 #igersnintendo #nintendo #pokemon #pallettown #retrogaming

haven't seen any wild pokémon yet but a girl can dream am i right? #pallettown

New security cameras paying for themselves already. Footage of "Bath Time for Cici" in the rain #dogsofinstagram #PalletTown


Belt for a necklace, it don't matter, just be you.
Model @tanaszhl
Stylist @cyborg_queen
#model #pallettown #cos #verve #lowtown #keepitreal

"Entschuldigung, Was zagen Sie?" #kachelhoutjes #pallettown #doedorp2017 #arrrr #zagen

There is a mini #statueofliberty in #odaiba #tokyo ..... But look at that view 👀

Alright so I decided to post another picture cause I've been working on my edit yes it's been like 3 hours but I'm still working on it so yeah!
Overall I love palletshipping so much~(I even tagged my man 💕)
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[Manga and Game Red fusion]
It had been years since Red had returned to the common lands of Kanto. He could see a birdseye view of the large region overhead as he was flying atop his trusted Charizard. Amongst the clouds Red spoke to Charizard. "Let's descend here, Char" He said gently patting the Pokémon on it's head. Char nodded as it flew downwards on a decline. It finally landed into the grassy land of Pallet Town. Right in front of the professors lab. Red nodded as he looked at the lab, examining it closely. He was suprised that it looked the same as it did all those years ago. He turnt and began walking away from the lab. He soon reached his own home after turning left down the path. The lights were off as it was still early in the morning. "I'll let her sleep a little longer" Red said to himself. He turnt around and began wondering for what he should do. He really wanted to see the faces of Green and Blue, His old childhood friends. But he didn't know the whereabouts of them or what they've been up to in recent days. After all, He did leave rather abruptly. Red frowned slightly remembering what had transpired and why he had to leave. His goal was to climb atop Mount Silver in search of a real challenge. Even though it did take a while. He was met with a challenge that proved to him that he wasn't the strongest Trainer alive. "I wonder if they're still around" Thought Red as he got a little sidetracked. He quickly regained his focus. Red knew that his stay upon Mt Silver was worth it as he had time to toughen up both his Pokemon and spirit. He already had a fiery passion within his heart for battling but he had to strengthen it as he knew that fire is the one thing that can always burn hotter than it once was. He decided to take a trip down route 1 for old times sake while he waited patiently to confront everyone he once knew again.

Red was venturing through Relic Castle within the Unova region. He had just met up Professor Juniper as she had shown him how to make the planted Darmanitan change form and get back into a living state. After Red had caught one, He had entered the large sandcastle. Inside there wasn't much. There were the usual trainers examining the insides and large craters within the ground that brought anyone who stepped over it down to the depths beneath. Red, though was just looking around. He walked into the next room as there was only one exit through the area of which he previously stood. The were 4 other passages in each end. Red walked into the southern exit as he could feel vibrations throughout that area. There were now four other rooms in each corner. Red now entered the east one. Again. There were four ways to go. Red thought he was lost but didn't allow himself to panic. He began trying passages at random. Finally, He had reached a single passage that had led him to a single room. The vibrations here were very high at level. He walked down as the vibrations seemed to enter him. He could feel as if his heart was vibrating in sync with them. Then... He saw it. He saw a Pokémon in front of the end wall. It was what seemed to be a large bug type with orange wings. Red had read about this Pokémon. "Volcerona..." He thought to himself. The Pokémon let out a cry in challenge as Red pulled out a Pokeball, wearing a determined look. He knew this was just another Pokemon to capture.

Here's the theme from Pallet Town 💙
I miss that place.

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Gotta Catch 'me All!

Are you getting any SUN this weekend!? ☀️
#Geekzies #JointheGeekment 📸: @sjngaming

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