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My happy place, until the bubbles start to disappear.... @SiucideGirls
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If I were a Pokemon master my starter would be Growlithe.

“PANDA” - Desiigner🐼


👑💕💎🎀🦄Little Me🦄🎀💎💕👑
So here are a few things about little me for those who are curious.. People often ask if my regression is sexual or non sexual and the answer is both. It's what I do when I'm comfortable, and sometimes that makes it sexual(f you think it's disgusting/pedophilia you can unfollow me before telling me about it.) My little age range is 7-10, which for me means I still need my blankie, plushies, snacks, cuddles and my daddy to survive but I'm also a very independent bean who likes to do big girl things all by myself. I'm not too whiney or needy but I have my moments, especially when I'm sick or tired. I still love pacis and sippy cups but that's mostly just because I love anything adorable. I'm not very comfortable with baby talk but I do have a different voice and I say cuter things when I'm in my little space. I guess the reason my regression is a little mature because I was always a very mature child so you can't really regress to something you never were, it just doesn't feel right. Anyway part of the reason I wanted to share was to spread CGL awareness. We face so much discrimination and hatred from people with no understanding of the community. Reviled because you equate us to children in sex, when for many of us, most of the time if not all of the time or regression isn't the least bit sexual. It's a comfort zone, an escape, or comping mechanism. And even your relationship is sexual, as long as you are both consenting adults, the only perverted ones are the people who can't look at you without thinking about pedophilia. .
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