I updated my name because the spelling was a bit off. But proserpine is a daughter of Zeus abducted by Pluto to be Queen of the underworld.

Dracula was giving me sweet kisses. I couldn’t help to smile so big 😍😍


I’ve noticed I barely show my face in pictures? I feel ugly all the time in every photo I try to take and it sucks 😩


This party is lame

Cleaning up after a party is always fun

so cwute !!! I wants !!

새 생명

WHOMST would u select? I’d go for Lucy because she’s basically just a cooler version of me and I’m a narcissistic emu 🤠 #aesthetic #aestheticmoodboard #moodboard #tumblraesthetic #paleaesthetic #softaesthetic #vintageaesthetic #thebeatles #goldenslumbers #chooseyourfighter

I missed this little bean, she’s such a cutie! Can’t wait to see her tomorrow 💜

proud of us

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