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I'm in the east side with the homie Alex talking numbers, where you can catch me in a dice game..

Let’s have a look from above! @vienna_images took this stunning picture! You can see how big & green the area of Belvedere Palace and gardens actually is. Can you spot Upper and Lower Belvedere? 👀🌳🌷🌱

You should worry 'bout yourself. I've been working on myself. What's next? I'm nervous for y'all that still hating on yourself. If I changed, I became a better version of myself.. :: PNR™ Flight 006 ©2020

People will say/do anything to distract you from reaching your goals. They're full of negativity so they feel like they gotta interrupt your positivity. I'm not here to prove myself to anyone, I'm here to get my ideas/message across to the masses. So like Em' said, if you ain't got nothing nice to say than don't say nothing.. :: Flight 006 ©2020

Couldn't wait until 2019 for GOT #dorne

PNR™ Flight 006 ©2020 :: Now available in select retailers and online at www.planesnrockets.com

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