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A fun day fishing... except we didn't catch anything.😏 Oh well next time! Of course has to do a #stopdropandyoga😜 I'm tagging my beautiful yoga friends @little_bird_yoga & @yogiangi to do a #sdy when they can!! Such a beautiful day!👌 Thanks for the video bomb @alexa.salmen😂

I think it's time I introduce myself...
I'm 14 years old, born and raising in Nebraska. 🌄
Two of my best friends are my Grandma and my Dog. 👵🐶
I started yoga last August, and wasn't even able to touch my toes at the time. 👣
I have loved photography since I was super little. 👶
I am homeschooled, this is our fourth year.
Country music is my kinda music (hence Country Loving Yogi) 🎻
When around new people, I can be very shy.
My favorite colors are most any shade of blue. 💙💙
Proper grammar is usually important to me. 🙈
I do not wear makeup. 💄(sometimes lipstick, but only makeup emoji 😂)
I cannot stand the taste of plain coffee. ☕
Nebraska will forever be my favorite state. 🐄🐮
I love walks and bike rides through nature.
Waterskiing is one of my favorite things to do.
My favorite yoga clothes are @aloyoga.
I LOVE dresses and hats. 👗👒
My favorite TV show is When Calls the Heart on Hallmark. 📺
I love to go fishing, especially with my daddy and grandpa. 🎣
I could read for hours. 📚
Place me by a camfire, with a S'more in my hand and we'll be good. 😏
Picture by @right_brain_images_photography

Yoga Love ❤️ #paksavida #infibliss


Just over here chillin.
Don't have much of a inspirational caption today.
Pretty much have been enjoying the beautiful river whether.
Swimming, tubing, floating down, Smores, cards.
All the river vibessssssss. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Happy Sunday friends.😌💛

In nature, there are few sharp lines. ~ A. R. Ammons
Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess
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Good morning friends.
Oh my it is already so hot!Like definitely another day by the pool. I'm ready, got my swimming suit on. Also having my hair down made it 10 times hotter. Btw if you didn't notice I somewhat straitened my hair. I mean kind of. Like I don't do much with my hair except put in a a messy bun. But I might do this more often. But it's hard when i swim everyday...😏
Also jamming to @aria.official song "sunshine"🎼 so good! Also totally goes with the weather cuz the sun is shining☀️😹

Morning friends.
Woke up. Ate breakfast. Got changed. Cranked the music. Did my yoga outside. Now I am typing this. It truly is so amazing listening to the birds along with music. Lol.
It was hot out man! Don't need to do hot yoga, just do it outside. Also included some handstands in today's practice, I will be doing that more. Make today your best day yet💛
Music: @gavinhaley🎼

A slow calm evening with all the feels to this song hamstring flow.
As you can tell in the end I am working on my handstand puppy press.
So along with getting my abs stronger I have to open up my hamstrings. Any tips appreciated! Happy Tuesday evening friends💛🙏🏻

I haven't posted in 6 days. And guess what, that is really just fine to me.
I have gotten into more of a swing of life - without feeling so pressured to post.
I got to ski with my 76 year old grandpa, who still slalom skis and taught me to ski. That was just amazing.
The cousins got to build a huge sand town with a port type thing, don't know a real name for it.
Puppy snuggles with Rosie, of course. 😁🐶
Trying to stand on a tube with my sister, cousin and other family members. That is a treat! 😂
Going to a hometown baseball game for walking tacos, lemonade and fun times.
Fishing at five a.m. with my daddy on a Sunday.
Not pictured: MORE LIVING.
Smores, laughter, goofiness, some hard times, ice cream. So. Much. More.
On that same note, I have also been EXTREMELY busy working on a book! @gloryboundsouthernbelle and I have been writing for the last month, and we are so excited that we are really nearing the finish!
We have lots of work and editing to do, but for the most part, the writing is done! The title of that is "Love in the Rain" and I will be keeping you posted on that.
So don't think I've forgotten about you, or this Instagram. But hey, I've been living life. So peace out for now 😎✌

Hey friends,
Lately as you can probably tell I haven't been posting much yoga or anything.
I haven't felt as inspired as I was to do it.
So I have decided.... that I am going to have this my yoga, my life, my family, my doggie, or anything but yet still post yoga and stuff.
Lately been inspired by @the_southern_yogi page! I love how she is posting about herself, and not just yoga.
So I wanted to let you know that, and yes I am still a yogi.🙏💛

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. 💙 ~ Benjamin Franklin

Picture with my daddy by @right_brain_images_photography

Not even a month ago, I posted a wheel progress picture. It's almost overwhelming the response I seem to get on my progress pictures. It just seems to verify why I'm on this path.
However, there are days I don't even do yoga. Life gets in the way and before I know it, it's time to go to bed at night.
I haven't truly stepped onto my mat in at least two weeks. We have had a lot going on, and a lot of just everything happening.
But guess what, no one needs to feel BAD or SHAMED for not stepping onto their mat everyday. It's okay. It's okay to have a break, it's okay to not be pressured to post or to do a certain practice everyday.
What's most important is prayer. Just a simple prayer when you need it. When you need an uplift, or having a hard time, God is always there for you.
That is a healing thing for you to do, just like with yoga.
And you know what else is okay? Not feeling pressured to post everyday! I have been spotty with my posts the last week's, especially this previous week. But what I'm trying to do is get back to life BEFORE Social Media decided to take over everyone.
Living outside for the majority of time, just playing barefoot and swimming, soaking up the rays, skiing, building sandcastles. Watching sunsets and roasting marshmallows. The simple things. ❤
#EnjoyTheSimpleThings #CleosCountryLetters 💙

Top picture by @right_brain_images_photography

Just excuse me while I'm jumping for joy over here!!! My family and I get to go to the Heartie Family Reunion this October in Vancouver!!!!!!! 😄😄😄 So I'm kind of super stoked about that! In case you're wondering, it's where you get to tour the set and meet the cast of my favorite TV show, When Calls the Heart.
Check it out, it is an amazing show and very family friendly! Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix, and you can purchase the fourth season on Amazon Video. 😀

Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess
Picture by @right_brain_images_photography

Working with who we call a "PRO-fessional FOTO-grapher" has been so amazing. But what is REALLY amazing is how this world and God works to bring people together in special ways.
We were at a hotel we visit quite frequently, and somehow we fell into conversation with this man who was at the evening social. Little did we know when we began talking to him, that he was a photographer!
So for the next hour - at least - we talked and showed pictures that each of us had taken previously. We connected on Instagram so we wouldn't lose contact, and I don't know if a day has passed without sending a message at least saying hello.
Then, we invited him for Easter, setting up our first photo shoot with him for a couple weeks later at the river.
This is the only picture I haven't used from that very first photo shoot, and I now know why. Because it gave me the words to write this post.
Rob, I/we are so very happy that you came into our lives, and cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!! 💙
#CleosCountryLetters 💙

Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess
Picture by: @right_brain_images_photography, who this post is about 😂❤

I really don't have anything inspirational to write. But, I can tell a huge difference in how tight I am.😭 From being sick last weekend and not doin much yoga, it thru me off! But I am stretching and trying to get it back. And we have a lot going on right now so that ain't helping. Also I have started to incorporate ab workouts and more workout stuff while doing my yoga nothing with weights or anything. To get my core stronger and my body😅
How was everyone's 4 of July?🎆 Mine was fun... just different!😉 also her is my #sdy for @little_bird_yoga and @yogileonie I'm passing it to @yogiangi💕💕

I haven't been active on this account really.
We have been extremely busy.
But sometimes that's okay.
It's okay to step back and take a break.
Get back to life.
Yesterday, I didn't wear shoes once.
I was swimming practically the whole day.
We randomly jumped in the water at 8:15 at night and then skied after.
Watched a few fireworks.
Making Mulberry pies with grandma.
Getting to see a good friend this weekend.
Swimming more.
LOTS of sun.
The simple things. 💙
#CleosCountryLetters 💙

Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess
My FAVORITE shot by @right_brain_images_photography 😘

Happy Fourth of July!!!! ❤💙

I'm an early riser. I am!
Most mornings, I'm up at 5:45, but there are the stray few that I'm up at 5:30 - like this morning.
You're probably thinking, "a girl who is fourteen gets up THAT early?!" 😱
But yes, yes I do.
It's one of my most creative times.
The quietest time.
I've found that when I wake up later, I feel like half the day is gone.
I feel like I didn't get done what I wanted to do - such as write - before everyone was roused and the day got put into action.
When I'm given the option to stay up later, I decline it. Not because I don't like the night time, but because it would prevent me from being able to rouse earlier!
#CleosCountryLetters 💙

Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess
Picture by @right_brain_images_photography

Tagged a while back to #sdy for @skilmerwebb, but just getting it up now! 😂 Anywho, what better place than a coffee house to do a little yoga? 😉
Would @yogileonie @yogawithbry @yogandchocolate and @eatflowlive want to play when they have time? 💙

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