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✨ HEPPY CUSTOMERS HEPPY CHE! Repost of the Pakistani-American Consumerism II print by @maria.butt ✨ .
#becauseche #pakistaniamerican #consumerism

I have no clue why I'm pointing ☝️ to the floor 😂. But that mural is pretty dope.

Missed this view ☀️ #ucsantacruz #ucsc

“Everyone laughs. I do too.” from ONE GREEN APPLE #illustrated by Ted Lewin #imyourneighborbooks #pakistaniamerican #immigration #booksnotbans #nobannowall

Excited to have designed the poster for Khol (Open) a short film made by some amazingly talented friends, which will be screening opening night at Outfest LA's Fusion Gala next month. Check it out!

been suffering with the flu all week but last night I was livingg

Illustration of a Sunday afternoon last May spent working on some ideas at @dinosaur_coffee

When you have been MIA for a while. And, for good measure (back to back virals infecting the whole family, & back to back visits from out of town guests). .

But, can't wait to share this extremely simple, yet delicious Tuna Salad recipe. .

Oh, & my IG folks. I promise. I will get back to all the DMs very soon. .

In case you are wondering, the plate on the left is Mr. "M" 's, & the one on the right is mine. .

Without further ado. Here goes the recipe.

Tuna Salad Sandwich .

Number of servings: 2
Amount per serving: 1 sandwich


1, 5 oz can Tuna (drained)
¼ cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon yellow mustard
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
4 slices whole grain bread (optional)
4 inner leaves or as required, lettuce .

Directions .

In a mixing bowl, gently fold the first six ingredients to make the tuna salad. .

Use as is, on a bed of lettuce accompanied with other vegetables for a hearty salad. .

Or, divide the mixture in two. Place one slice of lettuce each on two slices of bread. .

Then, spread the tuna salad on top. Add sliced cheese, and/or any other sliced vegetable of your choice. Hint: I personally love the combo of Tuna salad & Kalamata olives on whole grain bread. .

Now, cover with remaining slices. .

Serve as is, or with a side of potato chips. .

Or, if you are like me. Then simply top a bed of lettuce & any vegetable of your choice with some tuna salad. And, call it a complete meal. .

Nutritional Count per sandwich, minus the cheese.

Total calories: 278
Carbs: 39 gms
Protein: 18 gms
Fat:11 gms

Note: If you skip the bread, the calorie count will reduce to 133. With carbs reduced to 5 gms, fat to 8 gms, & protein to 11 gms. .

This salad goes well with slightly warm croissants too. .

And, can be refrigerated, covered for up to 3 days. .

Have a wonderful weekend : ) Yes, I am that ready.

🇵🇰💚 URDU ALPHABET: Inspired by the children of pakistan and their need for educational funding. 10% of proceeds donated to @tcfpak. Silk screened on handmade paper, pyaar se 💚🇵🇰 .
#becauseche #urdu #urdualphabet #pakistaniamerican #thecitizensfoundation

Finally cashed in 1000 Sephora points on something (don’t ask how many I have racked up 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️). Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberosa, a slightly odd yet interesting mix of coffee and flowers. 😂 #sephora #sephorarewards #ulta #ateliercologne #cafetuberosa #perfume #beauty #pakistanibeautyblogger #beautyblogger #pakistaniblogger #pakistaniamerican #pakistanicanadian #macys #nordstrom

Hi everyone! Here's us, my small #pakistaniamerican family! I love us so much 💕 Unfortunately, over the past year I have put on alot of weight partly due to my pcos and partly due to living a sedentary lifestyle. However, I am now ready for change and ready to do better for myself and my family! 🏋🏻‍♀️🥊

I’m filled with joy that my baby girl chose to study and be #malalayousafzai for her famous person project in her classroom.
#ZanyZaina: “Malala is brave and is a regular Muslim girl like me who loves to read!” #zainatahseen #chaudhrykids #chaudhryfamily #bajijaan #famouspeople #thirdgrade #proudofme #heritage #pakistaniamerican #muslimkids #sheroes #sherocks #inspirationalwomen #educationiskey #speakup #useyourvoice #saratogaelementary #turtlepower

Illustration of an evening at home. Usually with some Zankou chicken and informative lolz with the kings @desusandmero @viceland .

Illustration of a day in early 2017 that included a flat tire, protesting at LAX and dinner at Papilles.

⚜️Had to! Praise da lawd that @littlejewel_la is within walking distance from my house. And if you’re in LA and haven’t been already, be sure to hit up The Little Jewel of New Orleans in Chinatown for the closest thing that I’ve experienced to being home away from home ⚜️
#littlejewel #happymardigras #lachinatown

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