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#Aamir's 6-44 today are best bowling figures by a #Pakistani fast bowler in #Tests in last 7 years.#PakVsWI

Range rover vogue, Porsche macan and classic merc from lahore. ma sha Allah credits Shaffan
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Syra looks super hot🔥 in this beautifully embellished HSY attire #pakistanvogue #couture #embelishment #weddingideas #hsy#syrashehroz #pakistani #pakistanvogue


Trying new restaurants with my two favorites 🙌🏼 #pakistani #indian

D R E A M B I G | L I V E B I G G E R
Do Back Exercises to become a superhero 👍🏽👌🏼💪🏽
➡️➡️UNÍ-BI LATERAL PULLDOWN: Alternate pulling the bar with both hands before pulling the entire bar down to spice things up! It'll help with muscular imbalances and shock the muscles if you're used to doing this exercise only the traditional way. Make sure your hands are in the wide Grip position (outside shoulder width) AND PULL THE BAR DOWN WITH ALL OF YOUR FORCE!
➡️➡️CABLE PULLDOWN: You can do these both one or two handed as I show here. It's a little difficult to feel it in your back muscles at first but if you focus on not letting your arms do the work when pulling the bar or handle down, it'll help a ton! I love this exercise because it helps you learn how to use your core to stabilize you. Hold each repetition at the bottom for a second to really tore the muscle and use the top of the motion to stretch. ❤❤❤ Good night 😋 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾 I offer online personal training to help people who feel stuck break past that and challenge themselves to achieve more. I don't believe in giving everyone one workout and calling it a day-- everyone is different and requires special attention to a variety of goals and limitations and I'd love to help anyone achieve that. Email me at fitness360withalina@gmail.com if you're interested 😊

✨🌸 hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes.
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Looking back at this beautiful shot.
The gorgeous @ghana_tahir dressed up for the #LuxStyleAwards2017
#GhanaTahir #LUXSTYLEAWARDS #LSA2017 #LSA17 #Pakistani #Pakistan

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