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i won't love, my heart's crushed.

Hey guys what's your favorite movie cause I slept earlier today and now I can't sleep so I need a comedy or something good pls // follow my backup @societyletter if you want

comment "alright" letter by letter! - @ripfairy -
Dear Heart,
I never wanted for things to be this way, I promise you that. I’m sorry if you think I’m pushing you way too much now. I guess things have really changed and I think you noticed that too. I know you’ve noticed the way this love is reacting to us - to my mind and to you, my dear heart. He used to kiss you goodbye whenever you’re about to leave but now he doesn’t really take a good look of how your lips curve whenever you’re not feeling well. He used to cup your cheeks and kiss your forehead like he used to just because he wants to make you feel loved but it isn’t the same anymore. I know you noticed how much things changed but I can guarantee that you’re too weak now to be fighting for this love that did nothing but hurt you and leave you broken to pieces. What happened to that love? Is it gone? Is it dead? Are we both done? Who knows. Does it take another year to make everything back okay? Do you think there’s a remedy? Do you think there’s a chance for someone like me - for someone like us? If you think that way, then so be it. I’m sorry, my dear heart. I’m sorry if I couldn’t do anything but letting you down and making you believe that everything’s going to be alright.
and I’m sorry to disappoint you, but hoping is another thing to forget.
source: amour-furieux

" I thought I was so goddamn lucky
Lucky that in the midst of busy streets and wrong turns and missed trains I met you
Lucky that you loved me
Lucky that everyone else was too unlucky to meet you first
Lucky that I got to wear your scent on my skin like a little kid wearing her favorite sweatshirt everyday
Lucky that I got to kiss you whenever I wanted
Lucky that I got to kiss you at all
Lucky that when I cried onto your t-shirt you never minded
Lucky that you loved me
Lucky that I got to sleep next to you
Lucky to be in love
Lucky to fall asleep on the phone with you and wake up with you still on the line, breathing heavily with sleep in your chest
Lucky that after you hung up the phone you’d rush over to see me
Lucky that I got butterflies and lost my breath even after all those months 
Lucky that I loved you so much I’d let you tear me apart
But how unlucky it is to love someone too much,
To be torn apart
How unlucky it is to be so lucky."
(via extrasad)

announcing giveaway winner 2day. is ur friday gonna be lit......?🔥

any girls out there that do this? 😂

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how was your day on a scale of 1-10?🍓


whats worse breaking someone's heart or having your heartbroken?

Here we have a Victorian style landing with a 14ft ceiling, these high ceilings make the hall, stairs and landing look massive and also include the original picture rails, on the ceilings we used Dulux Pure Brilliant White Matt & for the walls we used a Matt Dulux Gentle Fawn. We finished this off with Dulux Quick Dry Undercoat & Gloss, once the new Oak doors are fitted at this property the hall, stairs and landing will look truly stunning 🏠🎨🖌... #duluxcolour #dulux #duluxtrade #duluxpaint #duluxgentlefawn #duluxpurebrilliantwhite #hallstairsandlanding #paintmixing #painting #paint #paintbrushes #painter #paintjob #paintbrush #paintroller #paintlife #paintrollers #undercoat #gloss #picturerail #dustsheets #sharplines #sharpline #sharplinesmatter #sharplinesonly

Today I'm going to channel this strong woman right here #wonderwoman I have a long day ahead of me and I need all the strength and power I can get #paintmixing #streangth #inspiration #queen #innerqueen #icandothis #longday #streangthofawoman #amazonwoman

Credit: @slimegalaxyy
I'm hoping this theme will be pretty ☺️ honestly tho, pink and blue is such a good combination, it's so pleasing and it reminds me of the crybaby colours💕
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