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Are you a clingy person?🥀
"I just want you to know that I'm not the easiest person to love. I have a massive part of me that is missing or broken from the last one and I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna take a long time to fix those up, but that doesn't mean I don't want to try. I want to be consumed by you. My first love has taught me so many lessons. So maybe I’m not going to fall as hard, maybe I'm not going to give in to an "I love you" as easily as I used too, maybe I'm going to have a bit of trouble learning how to trust again but I want to do that. The best part about a second love is it teaches you how to recover from the first, it shows you love when you thought all was gone to waste. I'm going to be difficult at times, I need attention, constantly. I love to be complimented and sometimes I need a reminder that I'm the only one, I love kisses and cuddles. I believe that all relationships have arguments and I am not afraid to have them, sometimes I'll get sad whether there's reasons or not and sometimes I need space, other times I need as much as love as you can give. Right now, I have more barriers than I ever have before but I'm okay enough to want to see where this goes. I'm not easy, but believe me, I'm worth it."

[charlie puth - attention]
biggest fear ? ✨/ follow me (@overtrying) for more song lyrics ☁️. —🥀: “
You hurt me. You broke me. You made me bleed more than anyone ever has. It’s funny though. When I met you it felt like our souls knew each other. It felt like they had intertwined and we were supposed to meet. It felt like I knew you from when I was little. I thought that we’d be friends forever. No matter how far apart we were, somehow I thought that we’d always know each other. I always believed in us. No matter how bad the argument or how terrible the fight got. I had hope that we’d grow old as friends and be there for each other through all the upside downs.
I told you that no matter what, I’d be there for you. You promised me the same. I told you that if you were laying awake at three a.m and you couldn’t stop thinking to call me and I’d listen to you ramble for hours and hours on end. I promised you that if you were crying I’d wipe away your tears. I promised that even if I were miles away from you I’d come back if you were hurting and needed me. I promised that nothing would ever change my mind and make me hate you, because I can’t hate you. My soul and heart won’t let me.
To me you were always going to be there. To me I thought that our promises would never die. I thought that, as long as we were both alive our promises to each other would live. You made me believe that. Actually, I made myself believe that. I didn’t want to listen to my brain or my parents. When they told me to watch out I didn’t listen. When they said that we became friends too quickly I didn’t believe them.

give me some love quotes? 🙈💞

ever been in love?
- @ripfairy -
i’m proud of you for staying alive. and i’m grateful. i don’t think that gets said enough, but thank you for taking care of yourself. thank you for doing the hard stuff. thank you for making yourself live even when it felt like living was the worse of the options. thank you for fighting. and thank you even if it’s ugly and doesn’t feel good and barely even looks like recovery. relapse happens. i’ve been where you are. people like you pulled me out. thank you for pulling me out. and know that if you need a hand i’m here and so are so many other people who have seen into the night and know what it feels like when it bites. so just. thank you for being alive.


another part of #evanescentamongthegray !!! the second one isn't really a poem but it's a little blurb that i think is necessary but yeah here you go! i'm in the process of writing a brand new piece i hope you'll like it!

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Paint Galaxy | Moth Wall Friends

Mural restoration in progress

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Look at how her eyes sparkle when you say his name

In his silence, i found the answers i was searching for

When grandparents are watching baby at home, we take the scenic route to the Home Depot.

You think attention is love, that’s why you suffer so deeply

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