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By @melaquino
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😍🎉Comment YES if you're in! And repost too 😊 MAY CHALLENGE! I (@surelysimpleblog) really want to practice lettering art more on a daily basis and it's more fun when people are lettering together, right? I invite YOU to join in- the words are simple and if you're looking for a daily creative (and reasonable) outlet that only takes less than 20 minutes, this might work! Remember it's not only about lettering, you can add illustration along with it, come up with quotes, any creative way to represent these words!• Save this or take a screenshot 😃
Feel free to jump in on your favorite prompts throughout the month!.

⭐️All you have to do is:
▶️doodle/ paint/ letter/write the prompt of the day and tag with the main hashtag #surelysimple along with the specific tags :
▶️Tag me @surelysimplechallenge @surelysimpleblog so I can see your posts and feature them here! Excited for May! Lettering tricks, tutorials and more coming your way here! 🙌 starts May 1st! I shall be featuring artists on SURELYSIMPLE.COM who create a series so if you're looking for some exposure, it's a great opportunity to both practice and get recognition here🌟🎉 TAG a friend or two ❤️

COMMET "FIRE" letter by letter! 🔥
Stunning art by fire! By @francocuttica
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*NEW PAINTING* @marsupialpudding . An amazing artist. Extremely inspirational. One of my favourite artists. Definitely somebody I look up to! 😊
Please watch the video of this painting on YouTube! Copy that link or click the link in my bio. 😊
And I will be posting regularly on Instagram! Sketches, different kind of studies and what not! .
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A Célia me enviou essa foto do seu lindo cantinho com a mandala que pintei a mais de um ano... Ela continua agradecida e me inspira cada dia mais com suas mensagens de apoio, carinho e incentivo. Eu sou gratidão 💙

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