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Murray is unfazed by our current living situation. He just has to work a little harder to access his couch. #murraythedog #collie #paintingmess

So far this morning I've dipped my paintbrush into my coffee three times. I'm painting with coffee and I'm drinking paint. Also can you see that huge purple blob of paint on my desk? I have no idea how it got there and how I didn't notice until now. I'm in the zone apparently. #painting #artstudio #paintingmess

I tried to sit on the bottom step for a family selfie, but they said my butt was too big. #YouCantSitHere #catsofinstagram #PaintingMess #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink

Oh my...the TMP dusts are super amazing! Buuuut, my table and hands are a mess. The dusts somehow drifted in the painting process. :)πŸš€πŸšΏπŸŽ¨ #cookies #paintingmess

doing my bit for this booodiful hostel thanks for a lovely stay #paintingmess #beachhostel #croatiaaaaa

Dried paint on my palette or should I say, an old kitchen plate because I'm not very fancy. Time to scrap it all off and start again. Or I could just throw it out and find another plate to ruin! 🎨 #paintingmess #colourfulpalette #unplannedabstract


Tonight’s mess πŸŽ¨πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
#painting #palette #brushes #paintingmess #kaki #neonyellow #blackeverything

Here's a peek at the bear mural that I drew and painted for our adorableness' nursery. In this pic I'm adding FUR to the bear with a light color paint on top of the dark brown paint colors. How did it turn out? AWLFUL! Well, at least in my eyes) To me, the 'fur' started looking like worms. Perhaps it wasn't that bad looking, perhaps I was just being picky bec of my lack of sleep during my 3rd trimester (I had insomnia during pregnancy). But, oh well, i moved on. This pic shows my 1st attempt, I'll share another day how it ended up looking. I'm glad i didn't give up, not only am I finally happy how it looks, but I also got a great bicep workout hehehe ... It's SO NOT easy painting upright. If u r experiencing a similar doubt (a to do or not to do) take a step back to re-evaluate perhaps until the next day, until u feel a sense of peace w ur decision.

#paintingmess 🀀

I messed up

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