stretchyyy trot☺️
Lol it definitely needs some work, I’ve been having her jog pretty often so now her trot is lazy😅(also let’s ignore my eq and my interesting outfit)
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“Parents, let your daughters grow up to be horse girls, because they will learn quickly and repeatedly that life isn’t fair, that hard work is often trumped by Lady Luck, and that every defeat, no matter how terrible, is temporary. Let them dream big and kick on. Let them learn confidence, grace and grit. Let them build big muscles and strong backs.

Let your daughters grow up in the barn. Let them learn that buckets need filling and stalls need cleaning, even when it’s raining, even when it’s frozen, even when they have a different idea for how the day should go.

Teach them to drive trucks and trailers and ATVs. Teach them to change tires and wrap legs and give shots. And let them leave a spur mark, or a bit rub, or a bandage bow, and let them deal with the shame of causing pain to an animal they love.

Let them grow up with horses and with good horse people, because it will teach them to be humble, and to be resilient, and to be brave.”

This guy thought he was real cute until I scolded him for somehow escaping his pen😂. #naughtyhorse #busted #painthorse #mustanghorse

Clutch conquering his fear of puddles.
A couple days ago when I was riding I asked Clutch to walk through a really small puddle which his response was like "no freaking way". I kept asking him, doing small circles then pointing him towards it and telling him to go forward again. Since I didnt have my clicker though I didn't want to push it - I didnt want him to have negative associations with going through water. So today I saw that there was a bigger puddle and with clicker and target stick in hand we went to fix his issue with water. 🌊
I walked him to the waters edge then asked him to touch the target stick that I hovered over the shallow end of the puddle. I just wanted him to reach towards it first, to show him that was ok. He did. I moved the stick slightly further in. Clutch wanted to get the stick but didnt want to go into the water. He started nodding his head and pawing. I thought maybe if I showed him it was ok he would go in. So I stepped into the water (and sunk into the mud) then held out the target and asked him to touch it.
Once he saw me go it he hesitantly went a tiny bit in. I kept moving the target further out and clicking and rewarding every step until he was standing in the deepest part. I gave him apples slices as a reward for making it all the way. He didnt even try to leave the water until I started walking out. He was super relaxed and calm standing in the puddle.
After I did the same with Sarona (she didn't care and walked right into the water) I rode Clutch and asked him to go into the puddle. He walked right in, all confident. I clicked and rewarded. Then he calmly walked out when I asked. I'm so proud of him conquering his fear today!
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Chicken the paint and Hawk the arab enjoying the nice weather ☀️☀️ The fact that they both have bird names is completely coincidental ;)

So, the reason I haven’t posted many pictures of the barn project yet is because....it’s not done! I had to call my contractor and beg him to finish one stall in time for Hazel’s arrival, which he was very kind to accommodate:) I literally wasn’t sure as of WEDNESDAY if I would have to board her or if we would have something sufficient enough for a stall by Saturday. You can see her stall is finished, but it’s just standalone in the barn for now. The rest of it will come over the next month. When done, we will have two stalls attached to small paddocks so horses can go in and out at their leisure and two other normal stalls for bad weather, etc. .
The pastures are also still in progress, so this girl is going to get long walks for exercise and plenty of hay until they are stumped, graded, and fenced.
I guess I put the horse before the cart? I just couldn’t wait! #horselife #painthorse #hazel #ridefreeordie #603 #newhampshire #horsegirl

Just look at that face!! #effie #apha #painthorse #sootybuckskin

Thank you mom and dad for helping me redo the barn for char and hopefully her little one! She loves it! #char #wildchild #barrelhorse #breedingseason2018 #mybestfriend #mybestaccomplishment #painthorse #paint #apha #rodeohorse #futureropinghorse

Mmmm, wine. 🤣🤣. I wish. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Miss Chianti

One of the greatest places on earth. Okiehomie :The ROCK House. #oklahoma #tranquility #getoutdoors #enjoytheview #painthorse #colt #toocute #ventureout #sheexplores

Okay this horse is perfect that’s all.😍 showing again in 2 weeks!

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