Uusi meikkipöytä 😍 Laatikoihin mahtuu kaikki meikit ja kynsilakat (sen jälkeen kun heitin vanhat pois) 😁 #idomakeupeveryday #makeup #selfcare #paintednailsforlife

Gotta wake up in a few hours to go get some tests done. Nothing bad just checking on something. Time to pass back out, then do my t shot! #metalhorns #transman #ftm #metalhead #boyswithpiercings #stretchedlobes #tboy #paintednailsforlife

Naked Without Polish RBL
RBL matte top coat 💜
Galaxy BaBy ✨

A little lavender sparkle..

Moxie nails RBL ; nails on a beach chair upon a breezy day in Florida

Not your baby

Almost forgots to post these , I seem to be in sparkle mood agains 💫✨💫✨ didn have any good pics either.. Remember to sparkle my friends



RBL- pretty gritty baby

Gold Fingers ; COMBIEN by rescue beauty lounge the greatest gold nail polish in the world!!

Rescue Beauty Lounge : Oh Slap! with a coat of Bubblegum Punk on the top for that sparkley pink happiness ✨💖✨😬

Morning Light by Rescue Beauty Lounge for the love of Blue 💙

I gots this KILLA purple NP in my IPSY BAG and I love it ; a great color : Elegantly Wasted by Trust Fund ( LOVE THE NAME ) and works great on my toes 💜👣

A little warm sunshine to mello me out

RESCUE BEAUTY LOUNGE: MORNING LIGHT with a Matte Top Coat....Dam Strait up periwinkle

I topped my OH SLAP! Pink nails with some BICILETTA and topped my little pinkies with some BUBBLEGUM PUNK NICE!!

Pink nails because, well.. Yesterday Was Wednesday

Romantically involved by OPI because red brings me kisses darling 💋

GRUNGE by Rescue Beauty Lounge one of my first favs almost a purple taupe

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