Painted hair and a few inches off for Hanna! Thanks lady 💇🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

Over all things the most important to me are the women that sit in my chair.❤️ there is so many of you and I am greatful for every single one of you. You guys become my friends, I look forward to seeing you every time. I hope you always feel comfortable in my chair and that You know i really do care and that you always have a friend in me! In this industry we are always trying to please others and give the absolute best service. It is so hard because we truly can please everyone! I know I give my absolute all and when i can’t please someone I can sometimes take it very hard. This industry is so personal and for those who are passionate about what we do, I know they can feel the same. So my advice is to give your all and if that is still not enough know it is okay and it is know always your fault, we are not all matches. To the women and girls who have remained loyal, trust me and open up to me, know I’m forever humbled and wouldn’t be anything without you guys! I have so much love for you all!❤️ stay tuned for my give away later this week to show my appreciation!

Still in love with this colour from Friday 😍 Monday came around so fast! Have a great week everyone ☀️☀️☀️


Before and after 👊🏻

By @balyagebymike 😍😍

By @balyagebymike 😍😍

By @balyagebymike 😍😍

Blushy refresh on @whereismarisa using @oligo Funk Hue 🦄🦄🦄

Balayage to create dimension on the long dark base she started with 😍 By @andrearothwellhairstylist

From full blonde to balayage for a more natural summer look by our stylist @andrearothwellhairstylist

Here’s a little Chocolate Mauve 💜 to warm up this chilly Sunday ✨

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