Electrical stimulation for pain control 
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Today was myofascial release/soft tissue Sunday. Most of my day was me looking like this and listening to the symphony of noises associated with feeling ridiculously good! Am sure my victims,er, patients today can attest to how wonderful they all felt today.😂
Oh if only I got all of your wonderful treatment sessions on video today. Just to prove I have the gentlest and lightest touch. 😉

Self Heating Tourmaline Neck Wrap💕
Effective relief from pains & aches in the neck💕

لفافة ذاتية التدفئة للرقبة💕
راحة فعالة لآلام الرقبة💕

Magnetic Tourmaline neck wrap benefits: -Effectively relieves pains & strains in the neck
-Greatly improves circulation
-Detoxifies & heals injured cells & tissues
-Can be used on other parts of the body, such as face, arms, wrists, legs, knees, & ankles
-Can ease headaches & migraines
-Helps to clear sinuses & relieves sinus pain
-Relieves head colds & sore throat (turn wrap around so the widest part faces the front side of the neck)

Adjustable size💕

Please note: this neck wrap is not suitable if you have a fever💕

Cost BD 7 💕

Limited quantity available. To Order yours contact us via WhatsApp +973 3364 7770💕

تشمل مزايا لفافة التورمالين المغناطيسي: -راحة فعالة من الآلام في الرقبة
-تنشيط الدورة الدموية و تجديد الخلايا
-بامكانك استخدامها على الوجه، الذراع، المعصم، الركبة، و الكاحل
-تخفف من الصداع و الصداع النصفي
-تخفف من احتقان و آلام الجيوب الانفية
-تخفف من اعراض الزكام و آلام الحنجرة

يمكن التحكم بالحجم💕

يرجى الانتباه: يرجى عدم استخدام هذه اللفافاة ان كنتي تعانين من الرتفاع الحرارة💕

السعر ٧ دينار بحريني💕

الكمية محدودة. للطلب يرجى التواصل معنا عبر الواتساب ٠٠٩٧٣٣٣٦٤٧٧٧٠💕

Herbaholic around the world #herbaholic #guangzhou #china #painrelief #herbalspray

HOW OSTEOPATHY CAN HELP WITH YOUR HEADACHE - Osteopathy Australia advises 6 tips on how Osteopathy can help with your headache - 1. Improve your general mobility, 2. Improve the mobility of your ribs and thoracic and cervical spine, 3. Reduce muscular tension, nerve compression and inflammation. 4. Advise on posture, exercise and stretching to help prevent a recurrence of symptoms. 5. Offer guidance on diet and preventing dehydration. 6. Advice on improving the ergonomics of your home or workplace. - So there are certain ways your osteopath can help to release the pain and advise on how to avoid headaches in the future. Osteos treat so much more than you think! #sequenceosteo #headacherelief

Herbaholic around the world #herbaholic #guangzhou #china #painrelief #herbalspray

Hans’ acupuncture blog is live on our website this morning 🙌🏻 read all about how he got on with the @omttraining8989 course, and was able to bring his new skills to help patients in clinic ⭐️
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This gorgeous lady missed a step and split her lip😧. Ended up being a very slow non healing wound with nerve sensitivities and scar tissue forming. Within hours of using #lowlevellaser therapy the wound started to heal and close up, reducing nerve pain and scar tissue. #coldlaser loves treating wounds and skin issues 🙌💚

Sliter du med spenningshodepine? Migrene? #daithpiercing kan hjelpe deg å lette symptomene. Jeg har hatt mange gode tilbakemeldinger på behandling og effekt. ◾️ Ved spørsmål eller timebestilling - kontakt meg direkte. (Har ledig fredag 29. Juni kl 12:00). #daithpiercingformigraine #painrelief

🇻🇪Si realmente quieres eso vas a tener que poner algo más que estúpidas excusas.
Lo he dicho siempre; haz el cambio, no sueñes con el. Somos agentes de cambio, no me crees? Simple, te vas a servir en este momento una taza de café, le colocas dos cucharadas de azúcar como siempre no? Y si solo le pones una???
Ya estarías haciendo un cambio!
Dirás ese pequeño detalle puede cambiar mi vida?
Al cual te contestaré SÍ!
Es un primer paso para una vida más sana, son esos pequeños detalles los que marcan la diferencia de cómo quieres vivir tu vida.
Pd: funciona para todos los aspectos en la vida, relaciones, trabajo, universidad, entre otros...
🇺🇸If you really want it, you're going to have to put in more than stupid excuses.
I've always said it; make the change, do not dream about it. We are agents of change, don’t you believe me? Simple, you are going to serve at this moment a cup of coffee, you put two tablespoons of sugar as always? And if you only put one ???
You would already be making a change!
Will you say that little detail can change my life?
To which I will answer; YES!
It's a first step to a healthier life, it's those little details that make the difference in how you want to live your life.
PS: works for all aspects of life, relationships, work, university, among others ... @adhelys
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I had to delay my flight back to the USA as I need to have some injections in my back, which I hope will offer some pain relief.
A recent MRI of my back revealed pathology, which is to be expected as a result of injuries from my accident. ( Broken neck and back in six places, to name a few!)
Despite a variety of pain management techniques, exercise, meditation and much more, which give some physical relief, chronic pain is a constant in my life.
However, it has not, and will never, stop me from squeezing every ounce of life out of my journey.
I have pain, but I am not my pain.
My body may be limited, but my spirit is unstoppable! 🔥

Cup the f**k up !! #justdoit #justdoit✔️

48 Hours Only! Save 10% on your amber purchase at www.maliaclaire.com - Use coupon code: FLASH10
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Week 5 White Lemon
She's looking mighty puurrty right now!

Lights reduced to 400s
Using Top Shooter this week as she's Holding herself fine this time round

Super low on Boost so been missing feeds without it.. adding half I would now on every 2-3 feeds only

I Have noticed my ballast now giving out a lower light then the other.. I changed bulbs but the light is still diminished compared to it's twin.. hmm... 🤔🤔 #everydayisagift #ridyourselfofpain #mymedicine #painrelief #cannalove #keepitsimple #alwaystestyourlimits #herbalheal #loveghsc

What is a TENS machine?
TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief used for a variety of conditions. There are specific Obstetric TENS machines and whilst we do not know exactly how they work it is thought that the electrical pulses prevent pain signals from reaching your brain. Another theory is that the pulses stimulate your own body to release natural feel good substances called endorphins.
The TENS machine consists of a small box, leading out of the box are several wires connected to sticky gel pads. These gel pads are positioned over the nerve pathways therefore interfering with pain messages sent from the uterus and cervix during labour.
The advantages of the TENS machine is that it is portable and non-invasive, you can move around when using it and use it for as little or as long as you want. The disadvantages are that it cannot be used in water and it may only help in the very early stages of labour.
The machines are rented out through various suppliers in Melbourne. For more information, ask one of our midwives.

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile I've have been unwell and in lots of pain needless to say this has impacted my diet slightly. I'm not feeling sorry for myself but I am feeling deflated. I'm so tired of constantly feeling like I have to justify my pain, being told it can't be that bad or I've just got to deal with it and worse being made to feel like I'm being dramatic. I would never usually rate my pain at a ten because I feel like that's for people with life threatening or terrible illnesses but my god the ripping pain I've had this week is a ten!! On a positive note all this time in bed has helped me get back into art. I know I'm not Picasso or Van Gogh but I find it so theraputic! #chronicpelvicpain #chronicpain #chronicillness #interstitialcystitis #bladderpain #painfulbladdersyndrome #ic #endometriosis #pcos #art #arttherapy #drawing #painting #painrelief

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