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Daqueles dias que você só quer que... acabe... Estava com saudade do potencial das nossas gargalhadas... obrigadis, @marifarat 💛✨Dia punk... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Mas vambora... #podeescreverashashtags #estoucompreguica #tryingtobebetter #missudaddy #painnevergoesaway

Missing you a lot tonight. My heart hurts. Sucks so bad not to have you here to talk to. I love you mom 💔 #painnevergoesaway #missyousomuch #why

Happy Birthday to this bighead! Remember this day like it was yesterday. I was preggers with your nephew. Who knew you wouldn't stay around to watch him grow into a man. Who knew you hurt so much? If only I could've held your hand on your last day. If only I could've told you that everything would be ok. If only you would've stayed , we could've prayed for all your pain to go away . I would've cut the noose and let you loose only to hold you in my arms and say it would be ok. Rest easy brother. 😇😢 #suicidesucks #painnevergoesaway

Its been 9 years since you left us and its never been the same. You left 4 days after my 17th birthday. I wish you were here to see everything we've accomplished as individuals and as a family. I wish you can meet the man I want to spend my life with. I want you to see how big Dom and Sarina are. I miss picking grape leaves with you in the park. I miss your smell, your smile and your everlasting love for your family. I miss you so much Teta it hurts. You always used to tell me "time for you to get married" because I was pretty good in the kitchen. I wish you were here to see me at all 3 graduations. I wish you were here to see my kids and be at my wedding. But you are in a better place now and I know your spirit will always be with me. I love you Teta and I have never stopped. 💕 #heartbroken #painnevergoesaway

You're wings were ready but my heart was not. Death changes everything. . Time changes nothing. Cant believe a year has passed since ive said my last words to you. #AHuiHouDad #Aloha #PainNeverGoesAway #TimeMeansNothing

July 9th three years ago My Husband RYAN Terrell disappears in the California desert near Vegas his car broke down and picked up on the highway by a US Highway Patrolman and dropped at a dodgy rest stop in Baker California! He mysteriously disappeared from there, and his body was found a few miles from there almost three months later! Making it impossible that he was killed immediately. As his body would have not remained in the desert for three and a half months! Ryan was found without his organs! Having to go to California alone to identify him was more difficult than anything I've done in my entire life! After missing for all this time the police kept him for over a month pretending to perform Autopsies! They tried to convince me to let them cremate him and send me his ashes! I tricked them and had his remains sent to a crematory in the Valley and I met him there to see the horrific sight! From somewhere I got the strength to take out my phone and I began to photograph every detail of his remains! It was obvious to me that RYAN had been buried and dug up again! It was clear that his body had been held to allow his remains to perish further but he held on until I could stand over him! And I felt his soul breath the first sigh! It's been incredible to go on in life and create beauty I have struggled to continue my work! I'm sharing this story for all the people who have lost loved ones through senseless murders! Ryans story is important not to be forgotten! And each story is important to not forget! There is corruption in the police departments and my sister recently said you no the coworker who is racist who hates people the police must root out these problems and how we police must change! Please continued to pray for us! #painnevergoesaway #always there #loveislove @ryb221989 rest in peace! #neverforget

I got to visit today! I miss you Grandma! An open wound only time can heal. Major part of my heart. #PainNeverGoesAway #MyGirlfriend4Life #JeanetteRichburg #RestInHeaven


•कहाँ मैं मन-बेमन कर नौकरी कुछ़ इक्का-दुक्का कमा रही हूँ, और सुकून से ताके दुनिया, जी रहे हैं रहा-सहा सा इमान वाले• P.S-Multinational Setups!
Thats exactly what my point of discussion is today.Nonetheless,we all are well aware of both whims and fancies of these jazzy-showbiz places.There's none who hate money and which makes sense as well,getting to sit and work in 24*7 A.C sheilds,getting to eat best of evening snacks,earning good money in pockets and absolutely free of cost enjoying both male and female crowd are all few of the many available benefits.

Only when I had gone to pantry to refill my water bottle did I realize how I miss the sunrise and the filth created by rains,how I miss getting all sweaty in the sun and getting a terrible tan on my feet,how I miss 'people';absolutely random one's walking across lanes,wandering at roads;
How I miss sitting by the roadside and smoking a joint,
How I miss getting dressed all shabby and messy;
How I miss wandering on roads and meeting random people all the time!
How I miss eating 'not so well cooked,fancy food' all the time,
How I miss writing with pen!
This way of living indeed is very fancy but I've realized I just dont wanna earn money but would infact love to spend it as well for this MNC life gives you no time to be a human being too other than being an employee all the time.
I would want to have my people around when one sunday morning I do not have to wake up under the fear of doung early login to start work from home!
Since I'm in love these days I feel its great to see,fall,make mistakes and both learn and realize for a life tooo perfect is toooo boring.
Mad tales of delhi girl🖤

•चिल्ल करने के कुछ़ इक-आद तरीके़, इकट्ठी कर रेत मैं भी बैठ जाऊँ• P.S-I feel better today.Like genuiney,until the last day I was sooo fucked up that I just didnt want to initiate any conversation with anybody,wanted to be just to myself and thats exactly how I'd spent the gone past day.But today happens to be a light head day for some reason.

Not that all my mess is sorted but for I initiated a stage of concilliation with my negetivity in the head,else I would have gone crazy.
Biggest of treaties are made by initiating a dialogue and I did the same and reached a stage of settlement wherein resultantly my 'black' side somehow agreed to let me have some peace and hence I feel sooooo better today.

Todays takeaway for me has been 'initiating a dialogue and compromising' when that can be done.For no fancy bank balance are gonna be of use when you cant even breathe and feel constant pressure in the head and almost dead in the soul.
No day is a day late,no minute is a gone past minute,the minute you decide to resolve half the marathon is won there and then.
Dont wait for your mother to guide or sister to lend a shoulder or a warm consoling kiss by a girlfriend/boyfriend or a paid beer party by a friend or a quick sex getaway with a fuck buddy or crying your heart out to your pet or sharing your sorrows with the quiet walls!
Wake up,tighten your shoes and face the trouble and live by it.
Discovering love has taught me great lessons one of which being its love to Chill at times in the head and to let go off the 'black' in you.
Madness in a Delhi girl🖤

•एेसी ही किसी सड़क पर गुम्म हुई थी, अब तक ना मिली ख़ुद ही को ख़ुद•

P.S-Once must there have been a time when every single individual out there in this world must have been lost in one or the other lanes of disappointment,confusion,troubles,uncertainity,fakeness,agile conversations,violent heads,rash walkers,insane excuses and what not.It aint that big a deal for thats how life works but whats of importance is 'you dont loose a part of you in these entangled lanes'. Every twisted lane would have zillions of troubles to stop you with,thousands of reasons to make you submit but its only a brave head that can come across all that shit and yet survive.I can make a comment or even attempt to discuss about the same for I've lost a part of myself in the struggle to survive and it has been ages that I've been searching for my other half across cities and homes!
Often encountered with questions like;
'Dont you have friends to hang around with??'
'Shitt yar! Akeli rehti hai har waqt,pagal lagti hai mujhe toh'!
'Dude! Akele rehke logo ko kya dikhana chahti ho? That you're a hippie'??? 'Aajkal toh har koi hi traveller hora hai'!! And to be honest I give a damn to these already for none would ever understand whats the search like to hunt for your ownself! They never will understand how broken it feels when you have no clue where your happy soul is lost!
Travel! Walk lanes! Go places! Eat alone! Let people laugh! Let them stare! Let them assume! Wear what you're comfortable in! Cry if you want to at a bar or disc! Dance it off even if you're amidst the road! Eat 4 chapattis at a go and let people make fun of you! Wear broken chappals and attend a party!
Since I'm discovering faces of love I feel an endless search is love too.
Better lost then sitting back home and cracking jokes on people!
Mad tales of a Delhi girl🖤

How can three years still hurt like it was yesterday #pete#mrmontego#painnevergoesaway#imissyou#quarterhorse#threeyearswithoutyou

It's been over a year since I lost you and there is not one day LITERALLY not one, where I am not thinking about you or missing you. I miss our chats the most 😔 No matter how sad or lonely or frustrated I would feel, I knew I could always talk to you and end up laughing with your bizarre requests for sweets I MISS U SO MUCH GRANDAD ❤️😢 #rip #imissyou #gonebutneverforgotten #illseeyouagainoneday #bestgrandad #lovehim #sosad#brokenheart #painnevergoesaway #mybestfriend #love

•हां बिलकुल एेसे ही मिलेंगे कभी, मेरा नाम तो याद रहेगा ना!• P.S-Today is a better day.I have thoughts crossing lanes yet it aint that painful as it usually is for I guess my mind's getting accustomed to this painful start almost every day.Coming back to this picture,this I had clicked days back when it rained heavily for some 3-4 days continously.

I was coming back from office after meeting a friend and only when I'd exit I saw them both,sitting there all tp themselves waiting for their relative who had gone to buy tickets for New Delhi.

There was nothin unusual with their conversation or the posture they were sitting in but for the innocence with which they were sitting there and enjoying the weather was quite a sight.I want to sit someday just like they were with my girlfriends sharing how life has been to us and other stuff.

I dunno if I wanna work and earn a living for somedays I wish to smoke a joint with all the charsis sitting there infront of the famous Gauri Shankar Mandir,and somedays I wish to earn the best that I can to travel places that I've been wanting to,somedays I wish to sleep on the roadside gazing stars in the sky and somedays I just wanna be with my neice for life.

I'm headfucked I guess but its love to feel that way for its a delight to feel lost all the time in a world where people love you for reasons and not selflessly.
Mad tales of a Delhi girl🖤

My world has flipped upside down in the past week. Sometimes you just got a fake a smile to make it through. Because this too shall pass #painnevergoesaway

I lost my girl Hannah today, she was only 5 years old. She somehow got kidney failure and started having seizures today. We had no idea that she was that sick, she was being treated for an eye infection and we thought that was it. But today everything fell apart. I raced from work to the vet and got to hold her and kiss her until they put her to sleep. I'll never be able to replace either of my Bulldogs, they were incredible and I'll always miss them. I'm so sorry this is how it went Hannah, I'll miss you and love you always. I can't believe that she is gone, I have no little buddy now.
#heartbroken #tragedy #bulldog #love #icantbelievethis #mygirl #gonetoosoon #imgoingtomissyou #bestdogsever #painnevergoesaway

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