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‌ من خواستم باور کنم که می‌توانم مردم این‌جا را با حرف مداوا کنم.
تو دیدی چه شد... آن‌ها درد خود را دوست دارند.
به زخم مانوسی احتیاج دارند که با ناخن‌های کثیف‌شان آن را بخراشند
و به دقت حفظش کنند ... فقط با خشونت است که می‌توان مداوایشان کرد. "زیرا درد را جز با درد دیگری نمی‌توان مغلوب کرد !" ژان پل سارتر
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Eu não tenho palavra pra agradecer a Deus por mais um ano de vida,tbm não posso deixar de agradecer meus pais,pelo seus cuidados e pela orientação. Comemorando meu niver assim no #painn #academiavipsaude #treino#gratidao #ficagrandeporra #ficadovelho #meuspais #Deus#amigoss ...

"I need the crazy bitch that's down for me, I need a little something wild and free, I need the right amount of attitude, she checks herself, but she checks me too, I need her to reciprocate all my love, get drunk with me even though she loves blunts" 🙄🖤 #downforyou #russ #ineedacrazybitch #promisedidbedownforyou #painn #shesmystonergirl

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Ciie pacaban minum es krim cendri" aja😢😢 #painn

A wise man once said “he who treats the site of pain is lost -Karel Levit” I would say “He who treats the site of symptoms is lost”. What if I told you that all the protocols in physiotherapy are bad science (BS)? What if I would say all the guidelines of Physiotherapy are based on BS? What would be your first emotion? The thoughts that would follow? What action would follow? Will you share this message because you (dis)agree or ignore it? “Would you type (dis)agree and objectify your statement ” or would you tag a friend in it to talk about it in right here/ in private.
I have been aplieing the Functional Patterns principles for over a year now and there isn’t a exercise in physiotherapy that I use anymore, it’s FPallday. Why ? Because all the exercises in Physiotherapy don't respect tensigrity, incorporate trunk rotations, reciprocal inhibition, associated memory and a lot of different variables. We have accepted the BS guidelines and protocols for to long and its time to have a more integrated approach, so we can help more people instead of seeing them every year with the same complains or getting them ready to receive surgery later in life.
Am I saying FP got it al figured out? No, however it is so extreme far a head, we can back up our claims with the actual static and dynamic results that we get worldwide, that when you pop in to one of our course your ego will be smashed in 2 minutes and you wil start thinking again.
If you are passionate about your job, if you are a honest human being and want to get real results instead of treating the symptoms, functional patterns is the only place to start. If you disagree, no worries, please show me don't tell me.

#365thinkingchallenge #fpworldwide #fpallday #fysiotherapie #prehab #rehab #postsurgery #presurgery #chronicpain #painn #functionaltraining #posture #FPNL

Eu sei que o seu pai é legal, mas o nosso, o nosso é o caraaa! Na estante dos pais, Deus escolheu vc pra nós e não poderia ser melhor, o mais divertido, o mais tolerante e paciente. Amo demais, sentimos que podemos andar tranquilos pela vida pois temos vc!! #felizdiadospaes #painho #painn

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