I suffer from probably the most pointless pain known to man called migraine. And to the lucky bastards who don’t have it - NO, IT ISN’T HEADACHE.

Almost everyone knows a list of “migraine triggers” - wine, cheese, mushrooms, chocolate, *insert arbitrary food item*
Yet, despite staying away from the “triggers”, nothing changes. So what gives?

I had almost given up on trying to cure migraine episodes. I used to pop a particular painkiller that’s a strong combination of propyphenazone (apparently restricted in certain countries) paracetamol aka acetaminophen, and caffeine. If ingested on time this tablet stops the pain on its tracks, and I would feel so good and wonder if this was how other people felt all the time.
This made me realise I had low-level chronic headache all day everyday that just got kicked into high gear to a full-blown migraine attack that in turn made me throw up 3-4 times.

Then one fine day I decided to go grainfree. And boy, was that a revelation!

I felt a weight lifted from my head, a soul-crushing rubber band slipped off from around my skull.
As long as I stuck to my grainfree and sugarfree diet, I was sure I won’t get a migraine. I felt like I was on my favourite painkiller.
Migraine is a complex condition. And despite the world’s biggest drug makers racing to get a treatment out in the market, it’s not out yet. And the lack of migraine drugs is not due to a lack of market.

I am very convinced now, based purely on my experiments with food, that blood sugar levels and insulin have something to do with migraines, but I am also convinced that it’s not a direct simple correlation, like say high blood sugar/high insulin = migraine.
Blood sugar and insulin are not usually listed as migraine triggers. So I am led to believe the duration for which your blood sugar stays elevated or the amount of insulin it takes to bring down that sugar level is key to the migraine conundrum.

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So this is pretty much how I feel this morning am so bloated and feel awful 😢 and to make it worse I've gone and left my lunch box home so now got to go buy breakfast lunch and snacks from the station 😭 #endobelly #endo #endometriosis #endopain #endowarrior #pain #chronicpain #vegan #newvegan #endosucks #endobloat #painkillers

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