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It might be baby steps but it's time to start shifting some weight!
Varials helping me get it done 👊🏼
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햐햐 - Beat again, love again #painagain#🖤#restart

God my legs n arms hurt I am not complaining though honestly 🤣#backtoitagain #painagain #shredded #myprotein #lungesarethedevil

VARIALS - Pain Again ~ Fearless Records ~ 1st Press/Yellow & Red Smoke/250
Saw these guys in Jacksonville a few weeks back with Wage War & Gideon and it was SO much fun. I actually got hit in the face so hard during the last song of their set that I broke my nose, and I couldn't imagine a better way to break a body part.
As soon as these guys started playing it popped off just like I was hoping it would and the set they delivered was brutal and sonically impressive.
This was one of the best albums of 2017 hands down and I'm really excited to see what these guys do next.
The band was also nice enough to get this tour variant all signed up for me, and even though I'm not so sure about the legitimacy of the "James H" signature, it did make me laugh pretty hard.
Don't sleep on this band.

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When 2016 ended, I had the thought that this was the best year possible for music and there was no way 2017 could beat it. Well, I think 2017 heard me and was offended, because this year has been over the top non stop in your face insane action.
Now, I know there's going to be 3 people that find this interesting and read all of it. Just know I'm doing this more for myself to help me wrap my head around all of this year's insane releases. Here's my favorite releases of 2017 and I triple dog dare you to listen to them all.

AOTY: You're Not You Anymore by Counterparts
If you were like me and worried about how this album would sound with all the member changes, don't worry. This album rips from start to finish and it's hard to sit or even stand still when listening. Don't miss a chance to see these guys live. Definitely listened to this one the most, and it was very tough to pick a favorite.
Favorite track: Rope

2: Cold by Gideon
It been awhile since their last release, but good things come to those who wait. With a throwback to a sound closer to their first two albums, this is a solid jam. Another one that's very difficult to pick a favorite.
Favorite track: Watch Me Sink

3: Thousand Mile Stare by Incendiary
This album was a surprise to me, but I couldn't stop listening. Perhaps drawing influence from Rage Against The Machine, this album doesn't stop either and has quite a few parts that make you want to move.
Favorite track: Hard Truths Cut Both Ways

4: Pain Again by Varials
As hardcore is gaining more popularity, we get to see more bands like this blending hardcore and metalcore together. While some dislike the result, I love it and am exited for more bands like this to rise. Very tough to pick a favorite track.
Favorite track: God Talk

5: Deadweight by Wage War
I'm a sucker for some textbook metalcore and I truly did enjoy this album more than I thought I would. With some fairly heavy parts, this album is still very fun to sing along with. I am more than upset that I missed both halves of the Deadweight tour.
Favorite track: Disdain

Thanks for making it this far, the rest is in the comments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Varials - Pain Again.
Wrapping up the year with one of my favorite hardcore albums of 2017. Jammed this one quite a bit since it's release. Pissed lyrics mashed with harsh af breakdowns...
#varials #painagain #smokevinyl #clearvinyl #fearlessrecords #hardcorevinyl #hxc #hardcore #beatdown #breakdown #vinylnerd #vinyllp #vinylpossessed #coloredvinyl

Bersyukur bisa dipertemukan,mengukir banyak kenangan,walau sekarang berbeda alam

My record of the year goes to...
#varials #painagain #recordoftheyear #2017

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