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It's been a while since I've talked about Surving The Desk Life (btw, do y'all want more of those? LMK below 馃憞) so here's a super simple stretch you can do by none other than @deskboundtherapy.

Most adults have very limited shoulder extension range of motion. Tight muscles like the biceps and pecs play a role in keeping the shoulders chronically flexed and depressed, making this extended position behind the body inaccessible. And all the time hunched over our computers and phones don't help the situation.馃捇馃槱

Try this shoulder stretch from your chair and notice a deep stretch across the front of the shoulder and possibly into the bicep. This is a great way to ensure you spend some quality time hanging in shoulder extension as opposed to a flexed shoulder position with ours arms reaching in front of our body.

You can make this stretch less intense by adjusting the height of your hand position on the chair or by using stretching one shoulder at a time vs both. Play around with the pose and see how you body best likes to be positioned 馃攽

Tips to Perform Correctly 馃挴
1锔忊儯 Come to a seated position on the edge of your chair.
2锔忊儯Grip the chair behind you while maintaining a neutral spine position.
3锔忊儯Lift your chest up as you take a deep exhale.
4锔忊儯Hold this stretch for 30-40 seconds multiple times throughout the day, anytime you take a break from working.

If you want a vid, let me know. It might be time for a new installment of Surviving The Desk Life.馃帴 #MyodetoxOrlando #DeskboundTherapy #Myodetox

[QL release technique]
Happy Thursday Everyone!
After my post the other day there was quite a few questions about how to release the low back in a safer way. .
But first let's revisit why we want to avoid foam rolling the low back. The amount of extension that occurs can cause quite a bit of pain for those that have an anterior pelvic because you're pushing yourself even FURTHER into this direction.
Remember that this is a larger picture called lower cross syndrome which is a series of muscle imbalances that lead to that back pain in the first place.
So how can we target the lower back in a safer way? We want to get the paraspinals AND the QL (quadratus lumborum) in this case so @jessrehab and myself made sure to show you guys both of these. .
The pink tape is the QL and the black tape is the paraspinals. For the purpose of the video we only showed the QL because it's more complex but feel free to try both out.
So what we do is:
1锔忊儯 Straighten our leg
2锔忊儯 Reach our arm overhead
3锔忊儯 Lean onto ball to deepen stretch
Comment for any questions below and make sure to tag your friends! Ill be sure to try to keep up with the comments .
#backpain #backday #lowback #lowbackpain
#myodetox #2017

If you forgot I got it, I'll remind you.. 鈥ractured right ankle 鈥olled left ankle and still jumping! Obviously not jumping my highest due to the injuries but Its been a while since I posted. @sleefs #pooljump #jumping #pain #is #temporary #crossfit #boxjump #takingflight #shreddedunion #worldstar @timed.perfection @espn @super_athletes @alphasportz @shredded.union


So I'm now 10 weeks preggo which puts me close to the end of my first trimester...thank God. And let me tell ya Ladies (and gents), it has been a bit of a WILD ride 馃槬 such as:
馃ぐFood sensitivities thus far: liquid eggs and protein powder. Basically, baby trying to steal my gainz.
馃ぐMorning sickness is a bit of misnomer, because I get heartburn/nausea in the afternoons and worse in the evenings. Luckily more food helps so I won't complain.
馃ぐProgesterone makes you pee...A LOT.
馃ぐThe fatigue is VERY REAL!!! I literally passout from 2 to 4 PM on the daily 馃槾.
馃ぐAnd my *lifting has changed to a accommodate.
Soooo...I've basically turn into a koala 馃惃. My only concerns are when can I eat and sleep 馃槄 lol. *And ladies, I promise to do live stream and share with you all about my training since so many of you have asked.馃挭 Just as soon as I am not tired AF. I will announce it on stories when I plan to do it and I'll have it run afterwards for anyone who misses it 馃挀.
If you have any questions or wanna share your experiences feel free to comment down below 馃憞.
#MyodetoxOrlando #Myodetox

Pain is temporary, glory is forever!
袘芯谢褜 胁褉械屑械薪薪邪, 褌褉懈褍屑褎 胁械褔械薪!

Force Transfer & The Kinetic Chain
This video is a great tool for visualizing force transfer through the lower quarter and how it affects alignment in the frontal plane of motion.
If you start by looking at the foot and focus on only when the right leg first contacts the ground, we see a rapid succession of events as force is attenuated by the body.
1锔忊儯 The foot pronates almost immediately after initial contact in order to absorb shock and allow the foot to conform to the running surface.
2锔忊儯 A split second later, the knee collapses inwardly (dynamic valgus) due to adduction of the hip joint to a maximum of 10-13 degrees.
3锔忊儯 As force travels up to the hip and pelvis, the last notable characteristic we can identify is a contralateral pelvic drop (CPD). Watch the blue marker on the left side of her pelvis. After the knees moves inward, the blue marker on the pelvis drops as the hip abductors on the right leg (primary gluteus medius) work very hard to try and keep the pelvis close to level.
All of these movements are normal in most people as the body absorbs impact when running. However, poor strength and/or motor control can lead to increased movement in these areas and be associated with pain in various spots throughout the lower quarter. Common issues include shin splints, tendinopathy, patellofemoral pain syndrome, IT band syndrome, trochanteric bursitis and low back pain, to name a few.
If you are a runner and have pain or worker with runners in pain, an easy way to analyze your mechanics is with your phone camera and by placing colorful sticky dots on the areas seen in this video. You don't necessarily need fancy software to pick up biomechanical tendencies that may be associated with someone's pain.


My sun burn was the colour of my bikini 馃挃#summer17 #kerry #swimming #pain

I've finally started my video series regarding Doterra essential oils. This YouTube video is brief intro onto what got me into the oil world along with a tip regarding Motivate to alleviate pain. It's open and honest. If I can help even 1 person, I'll be super thrilled.


#Doterra #essentialoils #oils #motivate #pain #trapmuscles #trapezius #relief #painrelief


Yesterday was a decent day.
Progressing right through to the semi-final in the JM 1x A Lgw and the A-Final in the JM 4x A Lgw.

#goforit #djm #munich #cologne #rowing #sculling #strong #fun #pain #aviron #jlsquad

School horse sports done!
Had and awesome day! Picked up a few ribbons and got into the top 6 in our week spot: rider class! Did awesome considering she hasn't been to comp in ages and we had NINETEEN in our group!!! And then we got kicked twice馃槶. We ended up doubled bareback the rest of the afternoon! Bring on the next two days! #bell #gymkhana #fun #comp #ribbons #pain

....viaggiare per scoprire. ..oggi. ..a Ragusa ...la @salumeriabarocco mi fa' conoscere un formaggio sublime il" ficu "caprino di Capra girgentana fermentato con il lattice dei di fico e avvolto con le stesse foglie...difficile descrivere questa prelibetazza slow food. ..nata qui in Sicilia馃榾馃槈馃槈

Greatness in your life will only come when you decide to take massive #Back action Workouts from #deadlift To #bentrow馃槑

Soundtrack馃幎 @lifeofdesiigner 馃帳
Contact me today for your Online & Personal Coaching. [Charges Applied] 鈥
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Alla som har gelenaglar f枚rst氓r sm盲rtan馃槀 men s氓 v盲rt i slut盲ndan馃拝馃徏 #nails #gelnails #gelenaglar #naglar #beatuquelle #pain

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