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I MADE A COMMERCIAL.. OR AT LEAST THATS WHAT ITS LOOKING LIKE TO ME😍 what's your thoughts??? 📱 @nicolasdelvalle_ 🎶 @RexOrangeCounty 🌻

Here’s a sneak 👀 at new 🏧 Fall completes hitting shops October 2018!! #atmclick

@fustoop Playin at the skoolyord 🐒

@revolution1996 are loaded up on @jamesmartin8596 new Agression tribute boards! #atmclick 🏧🏧 #nardcore

HOMICIDE ISSA MUST ft: @tal.rodkey @_liltjay 🖤 @tomogrip

Woodward: Kickflip front nose HARd!! @taylormcclung @skate.carson

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